Working with Agency VS Direct Client

Working with Agency VS Direct Client
04 Apr 2015

There are mainly three type of clients’ freelancers mostly working with. First is the direct buyer of small/medium size company, second is the marketing agency working there & outsourcing the work to third world freelancers & the big corporate clients of the market operating in private clouds. The client budget also depends on the type of their organization. You get the best rates, acceptable rates & lowest possible wages for any job.

You can charge $500-700 for a simple wordpress website if the client is direct owner of small/medium size startup. The creative agency will be paying you only $300-400 because they have to save their chunk. The best buyers are still the private clouds operating on elance & other popular sites as they are willing to pay you $1200-1500 for same website. All these clients definitely looking for the best quality but private clouds specially cannot afford to get low quality work delivered.



Freelancers have to & must work with client of any budget in order to build good business relations & get repeat jobs. There are some benefits & some disadvantages of working with these buyers & I’ve tried to explain these below:

Direct Clients:

Working with direct client is very good because the client will hand over all the details to you & he/she will be expecting your input about their idea. You have a good chance to have him on the list of regular buyers. But at the same time, the direct clients’ often don’t have much jobs for you to work on. For example, if they need a website it will be a less than 1 month project for you but next month they will not have anything to offer you.



Creative Agency:
You will have compromise on budget & turnaround time working with creative agencies but you can get regular business 12 months a year because they are working with multiple clients & trying to expand their business. If you deliver the best, you will be their regular provider & it will help you to generate monthly income from a single client.


Private Talent Clouds:
Private talent clouds are the biggest buyers you can work with, they are the world top 100 or 500 companies so they can pay you high rates & plenty of jobs to offer you on regular bases. The only issue with private clouds is that it will take weeks or even months before they finalize a job & pay you but still they can offer you more work meanwhile.



Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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