Working from Bed VS Working from Cubicle

Working from Bed VS Working from Cubicle
17 Mar 2015

Well, for starters, we all have ideas of our dream job where we could wake up late, cram in all day or pull an all-nighter, complete a certain task, and still earn a stable income. Your dream job has now come to life. With the increase in the usage of internet and rapid technological advancements the concept of working from an office has become old-school and redundant. Today, one can easily be surrounded by the comforts of their home, and yet be running a respectable job, landing them a hefty pay package, as they’ve always wanted. If you’re still wondering why you rather work from home, than a workplace, the next few paragraphs will be of your interest.

Rule yourself. For all those people, who detest being ordered around, working under pressure, or having someone watch them at work, this is the ideal way out for you. Working from home allows you to be your own boss, and work at your own pace. This is not the end of it. To top it all, you have no one to constantly tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, and you call the shots here!

Your pajamas are your best friend. Yes, you heard me right! You no longer have to wake up at an odd hour of the morning, dress up and look presentable and rush yourself to work, before you’re marked late. You can now have the comfort of lounging around in your pajamas all day round, even when attending a virtual meeting, as long as you pull on a formal shirt.

You have the best workplace ever. You no longer need to sit on an uncomfortable office chair, and work in a dull cubicle, or on a boring desk. Your workplace can be as exciting as you like, with pets running around, and snacks always accessible. Even though your favorite workplace could be your bedroom, you will also get to spend added time with family and friends that drop by, and have flexible work hours rather than running a 9 to 5 job.

The last but not the least, and maybe the best, is the factor of reduced stressed. We all hate the continuous work politics and bickering that goes on at an office. Avoid all the unneeded pressures, and enjoy your own company, with music or your favorite show whenever you choose to take a break. You can also make your work more interesting by job rotations, between office work and house chores, getting more accomplished!

In a nutshell, you’re your own boss. You could love your job, unlike many others who follow the traditional work pattern, and maybe even take up multiple jobs at a time if you think you can juggle between them. So, what are you waiting for? Quit your mundane office job, and begin work from home. Your dream job is only a few clicks away!


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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