Words & No-So-Humble Opinions

Words & No-So-Humble Opinions
13 Mar 2015

Words in my not –so- humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible form of self-expression. In an age where there’s very little or no freedom of speech and democracy to say as you feel, writing can be a brilliant alternate or first-choice for many people. Words, like other forms of art have the power of transporting you into an entirely different time, age, or set-up. Today, where a mere percentage of people indulge in reading or writing, and choose television instead as a form of distraction, there are still many like me who are passionate about penning down their thoughts.

Keeping in mind that each person holds a distinct position in what they do, and no form of art can be compared and termed as “good”, “better” and “best”, I will now present to you some tips on how to be a “better” writer (pun-intended).

First things first, never EVER try to please everyone around you. Even if you do try, honestly, you won’t succeed. So get the idea out of your head, and instead focus on what makes you happy. Art should be practiced for ones self-satisfaction and sense of achievement, and thus write what you feel like, not what others would like to read.

Once you’re done with that, make sure you write when you actually “feel” like, and not with the intention of getting a certain number of words down on paper. Even though people might tell you otherwise, and unless you don’t have an assignment to submit or a job to do, write when you feel inspired, because (and take my word on this one), you will write best only then.

Additionally, make sure you write about things you feel you need to write about. Each one of us as an individual has certain topics they regarding which they would like to express ourselves. Be it a fond memory of a societal problem that we feel strongly about, we all have those “special” subjects. Make sure you write about them and get your point across. Only when you’re passionate about writing what you are, will you be able to make a difference with your words.

Last, but not the least, do not let anyone two cents affect you. This may be easier said that done, but as a writer or artist, you cannot be as sensitive as you’d like to be. What may come across as interesting and mind-blowing to one might seem dull and boring to the other. Just make sure what you write interests you and you’ve got your message across, and the rest is not your problem at all!! Writing can be a daunting task at times, especially when you have a writer’s block for days and don’t feel inspired to write about anything, but believe me when I say you’ll get through it and soon you’ll be churning out stacks of paper with your favorite words! So grab your pens and begin!Chop Chop!!


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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