What to Write in Business Proposal?

What to Write in Business Proposal?
21 Mar 2015

In today’s competitive environment, at times, the only tool to save your business a strong business proposal and thus, how well you develop one could determine the future success or failure of your company.

For any assignment that a possible client requires, various companies prepare business proposals to bit for the job and send to the client. The client then chooses the best proposal submitted and assigns them the job. The proposal however should be well written and clearly outline why the client should choose your company over another for the task.  Due to the important of the proposal. When developing a   business proposal you might want to keep the following pointers in mind:

1. Know what is required.

When formulating the proposal, study the client’s requirements clearly in order to know what they are looking for. Develop your proposal accordingly, highlighting information that is in line with what they need and therefore might attract them. Once you know what the client is looking for, clearly think whether you will be able to meet their expectations, and if you think you can, you could now start preparing the proposal.

2. Know the Client

Until and unless you don’t understand and study the way the client functions, you will never satisfy them. Success lies not only in meeting the job requirements but also in meeting client expectations, and for this you will have to know where they are coming from and what will make them happy.

3. Develop a Methodology.

Once the above has been covered, now spend a sufficient amount of time in developing the method you would adopt to complete the job satisfactorily. Therefore come up with multiple plans and a backup plan ensuring successful execution of the assignment. The key to success here is to carry out in depth research and leave no loopholes, in order to reduce the chances of error.

4. Study the Solution

Even though you may believe you’ve come up with a brilliant solution, evaluating it might be important. A few brainstorming sessions and running it through other experiences individuals might be your best option in order to ensure you have not missed out anything and the solution is fool proof.

5. Be better than Competitors.

Most importantly, stop focusing on only yourself, but instead study what competitors are doing. Put yourselves in their shoes and try to figure out what they would do, or come up with, and thus, aim to be better than them. This is a key step in the process and can ensure the success of your proposal.

Once you’ve covered all these steps, you might want to start writing the proposal. A good way to being is by developing various headings and working under them. The subsections/ headings included could be: Current Situation, Goals, Proposed Methodology, Time and Cost, Qualifications, benefits, and a conclusion.

Make sure you read the proposal a few times before finalizing it to avoid any errors, and then print it out on high quality paper, file it and submit it to the client, hoping for the best results.



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