What Makes a Client to Hire you on Elance

06 Apr 2015

There has been so much said & very well explained about the hiring trends on elance but I am going to explain this based on my bidding experience in last 5 years. I’ve been sending bids to hundreds of clients every month & my hire rate is also up to %25. The client is always looking for a solution to his/her problem related to IT & that is exactly what they want to read in your proposal. Clients are well educated now to understand the type of proposal you are sending. If you are sending a per-typed proposal, you will be eliminated immediately. Now, some of you may find it wrong but it happens in only 2% of the cases where client don’t even bother to read your proposal & offer you the job based on the price range otherwise buyers are more educated now a days about what kind of proposal they should receive before moving forward with a freelancer.

There are few thinks you should keep in mind while writing a proposal & I’ve summarized them here:


1. No Copy/Paste Proposals
Sending a tailored & specific proposal is 50% of your chance to grab their attention.

2. Send the Most Relevant Samples
It is also the 2nd most important point while sending a proposal. If for example, a client is looking for health related articles & you are attaching them related to medicine you wrote before will increase your chances to get hired up to 70%.

3. Keep your Job History Great
The 3rd most important aspect a client go through is your job history & the feedback you have got. That is the only place where they can feel “trust” to go further with you. If you have some bad feedback in your recent history try to do more jobs & throw it away to next pages.

4. Price Range
Here comes the most important part, if your samples are most relevant & your job history have got some great feedback, your client will now check the price & if a certain job receives $100-$800 price range, the client will prefer a buyer with above things in good condition & offering them the mid prices. I meant they will most probably go with $300 or $350. But only if you match the above mentioned category. Happy Bidding 🙂

If you are good at all above points & still not getting hired, it means there something in your proposal or on profile that is making them to ignore you & you need more drill to get over this so best of luck always. You are more than welcome to share your points so other reads can get benefit of going through this article.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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    Exactly! Sending a copy/paste proposal is only a waste of time. Most of the clients nowadays decline that kind of proposals immediately and don’t even bother reading them.

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