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22 Mar 2015

As people living in the 21st century many of us have do not have the traits that our parents and grandparents possesses. For starters, they were far more punctual, respectful, obedient, dependable, and ethical and so on and so forth. However because we lack many of these traits, we tend to live lives with years that pass by in the blink of any eye, still trying to find our purpose and meaning. Yet, there are many of us who aim to make the most of life and are go-getters, and are as a result constantly trying to better themselves. If you to, want to live an accomplished life, you might want to be aware of some Do’s and Don’ts.
Always be on time. Whether it is to a family gathering or to your first job interview, try not to be late. Being late gives off the impression that you don’t care about the other party who’s waiting for you, or you’re not disciplined. At an interview, this may be a major deal-breaker, and thus, make sure you’re on time. Not only should you be particular with punctuality, but also with the commitments you make. Always choose to stay true to your word, and never let others down. No matter how hard a task is for you, once you’ve committed to it, make sure you live up to the other party’s expectations. This will make them believe in you in the future too, and know you’re a man of substance and dependable.
Plan. Plan. And plan again. A common mistake w make too often is to let days come and go by without actually achieving anything. This is because we are taking things more as they come, instead of actually having a goal set for ourselves. As a result, we realize too late that we’ve missed several deadlines, and lost out on golden opportunities just due to a lack of planning. Therefore, whether it’s deciding what to wear to a friend’s bachelor party, or on how you’re going to finish a certain school assignment within a week, plan before time, and set a schedule and deadlines for yourself. Thought, these seem like meaningless activities, they can take you a long way.
No matter how much we would like to believe we know everything, a bitter realization is that we are not know it all’s, and no matter how old we are, there’s always room for further learning and knowledge. Therefore, do not believe you’re all too aware and well versed with every walk of life. The biggest favor you could do yourself is to interact with people, be it at school, a workplace, or at home, exchanging ideas will always help you find a new solution to an old problem, or find an easier and more practical way out of a situation.
Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is one trait very common in nearly every one of us today. We have a habit of wanting to put off and delay things as much as possible, hoping that we’d never have to perform the task at all. The sad reality is that delaying a task doesn’t take you away from doing it, and sooner or later, you’ll still find yourself with the same task. Therefore, do what is required today, today! Tomorrow, will bring with itself a whole new set of requirements and if you don’t complete todays work, you will be bogged down with even more work the next day and the day after.
Lastly, do not neglect your health. Even though the saying “health is wealth” is way too clichéd, it could not get truer than true. As long as you’re healthy, you can accomplish anything on the face of this earth. Thus, never choose anything over being fit. Make exercise a regular part of your day, and eat health, think health, in order to live healthy. Remember, being fit is your key to success.
Even though all the things mentioned above seem way too common to us, we tend to push them at the back of our minds and focus on other things we consider more important. However, if you wish to succeed in the long run, following these rules are extremely important, and can help you reach the highest peaks in life.


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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