Upwork- Not Consistent With Its Policies

Upwork- Not Consistent With Its Policies
17 Jun 2015

All of us are very familiar with Upwork previously known as Odesk-Elance, which provides a big platform for freelancers from all over the globe to get in touch with the international corporate world online. Upwork is one of the leading freelancer websites which provides the opportunity to get hired on a full or part time basis and get decent rewards. The purpose is not to demotivate you but to make you aware of the dark side of upwork

Upwork provides the scope to unfold the new dimensions of working, without any investments and with a lot of benefits. Now that was all the perky and sparkling side of Upwork, we all know about. But there are always two sides of every story and we are familiar with that too. Formerly odesk was one of the happiest places to work; the customer support team was incredible and assisted freelancers throughout. The policies were not too strict and freelancers were given chance to explore according to their wishes and even payment method was not so hectic.

Except now since the recent past many freelancers are leaving Upwork because of its inconsistent policies and insignificant foul claims. The company has been constantly picking up people to raise doubt on and has blocked tremendous amount of profiles for its stupid claims and not so helpful polices.

We are very well aware of how Upwork earns massively via every payment made through the system of the company. Yet Upwork gives a hard time in transactions, every other local bank you add must not be either supported by Upwork or they must have some other reason to make you worry about your payment. Moreover their customer support always has the same answers, no matter how many times you ask, they don’t handle every case according to its specific requirement.

Also Upwork team keeps on checking the profiles and blocking them on the basis of mere doubts. I’m personally aware of many such cases but would like to share one.

One of my friends got an email from customer support about her bad performance and she responded well to it and focused on the points the administration raised, though her feedback score was 4.96. After few days, she received another email with the same concern, even there were no ongoing projects and she closed all of them as a result of previous claim from the administration. She explained everything in response and after few days she received an email that her account is permanently closed without giving any good reason for it.

That was just one case. Another very important problem that it raises is the issue of beneficiary name. Firstly they want the same name on the profile and bank account but in case you don’t have the last name in your beneficiary name, they won’t let you add the payment method. If some newbie created a profile just as a startup to look in to the system and has made some mistake with the name, they won’t literally let you change it even if you beg and then of course game over, either you get the new bank account with your Upwork profile name (which is almost impossible) or you just drop the hopes and let go.

Well the fact would still remain a fact that if you get a long term job with good payment and you really have a good destiny then you might survive in the irrelevantly strict and hectic environment. Otherwise like many others you’d also have to give unimportant justifications for just saving your profile and opportunity to earn.


Despite the fact that Upwork is a great place to earn, it is also becoming a headache for people, especially when it comes to transactions. Upwork really needs to be consistent with its policies and must give an opportunity for people to grow. Because when it comes to freelancers, Upwork is as strict as anything and when it comes to clients, they always say that it’s none of the company’s concern if the client is not paying. So being just and consistent is what Upwork needs to do as soon as they can because people are having a really hard time earning and its getting messier everyday because of the new policies, profile reviews and stupid claims.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

  • SJ Husak

    We have spent countless tens of thousands of dollars with oDesk/UpWork and have the same experiences with them, like banging our heads against the wall, getting the same incorrect canned responses, site going down, etc. They are always very good at charging our account every Monday, however.

    • SJ Husak

      After we posted this they cancelled our account for ‘violating policies’. Policies that remain unwritten. That shows how much they care about improving their services.

  • Sadia Sharafat

    Oh yes, You’re very right. Many members have issues with them. I hope they take such complaints seriously.

    • SJ Husak

      Their response to complains amounts to bullying tactics.

  • SJ Husak

    We now work with Outsourcely.com and make payroll through Skrill. Our employees are happier and so are we. No more ridiculous fees deducted from our employees, either.

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