Upwork-Elance Merger- Sounds like A Big Failure :(

Upwork-Elance Merger- Sounds like A Big Failure :(
08 Oct 2015

Are you also tired of waiting for Upwork to get back to normal because honestly I’m, this merger is not working well for me at least as I was a really happy freelancer at Elance and I always avoided Upwork because of its cheap rates and untrustworthy clients, but according to the merger I have to work on Upwork in any case. So, I guess I’m not the only one in loss these days as freelancing is drowning due to this stupid step of both companies to have a joint venture. The frustration of people can’t be explained in words as words can never justify with the level of frustration companies and freelancers are experiencing these days.

“From last two months Upwork has become so slow that even the earth worm would be running faster than Upwork. Upwork has also admitted it publicly that the site is very slow these days, and they seriously have no clue but they do give the excuse that it is because of heavy traffic, which didn’t seem to be a problem when they signed to join the world’s biggest freelancing communities.”

Also, you might find a lot of social media statuses and a lot of bloggers getting out their frustrations by expressing their opinions about how this merger is giving a hard time and is responsible for loss of many uncountable revenues. People all over the world are complaining about those “Time outs”, and “error 522” along with many others.

On September 21st, 2015, Upwork’s CEO sent email to all the 10 million plus freelance members of the community for so called apology as they found website slow from September 7th to September 10th (ONLY), honestly Mr. CEO if you apologize every day for this stupid merging decision, you won’t be forgiven as this merger is truly one of the biggest mistakes the online freelancing communities have done so far. Upwork still has uncountable bugs, errors and shut downs and if not anything they must admit it as many clients and freelancers are unable to connect because the messaging facility says a big no whenever we try to communicate.

Upwork is so good at pointing out mistakes, and bugging the calm people for not any good reason because they always have something unreasonable to block you from website. Many predictors say that by 2020, 40% of the Americans would be hired as freelancer but when the top freelancing companies behave this way, you cannot be sure about next month.

The Upwork community also has shuffled many CEOs since its formation because such large community is not easy to handle, also the top management of Upwork has started leaving it whenever they doubt that the Upwork ship won’t sail for long. This is a big wakeup call for Upwork because if they don’t solve the issues now they might sink because it’s now or never as after now it’d be too late. Many of reputed companies and skilled freelancers have started to leave Upwork because of slow performance and brown nosing of Upwork as they are never satisfied with your performance and I really don’t get is what about their performance. What if we start to abandon Upwork like the way it abandons us when it is not satisfied with our performance. Well, to my relief, many members have started to do so and I guess it’s downfall of Upwork and rise of better communities which understands how to give its members the due respect and rewards and that too in time.

There is not much left to say after the poorest performance of Upwork from last two months, especially after the merger. This merger has not only disturbed Elance satisfied members but it is forcing Upwork members to leave the platform and withdraw everything that they can before Upwork is officially ceased. I hope that Upwork finds a way to get its members satisfied because honestly we are just members, not enemies. So, in any case we want Upwork and Elance to give us back our work satisfaction and its efficient performance before it’s too late. Upwork and Elance wer biggest online freelancing communities, respectively and we wish for them to be same again.

Happy working!


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

  • zeeshan khan

    Unlike you, I liked to work on ODesk instead of Elance. After this merger I think compitition has become high, which will cause contractors to work on lower rates. I agree there are bugs, but still I can manage to work and make ends meet.

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