Top 10 Websites for Freelancers in 2016

Top 10 Websites for Freelancers in 2016
28 Oct 2015

Freelancing was kind of down these days because many of us rely on Upwork, which honestly sucks at times, but gear up Upwork is not the only way you can work from home because there are better websites for freelancing now. Profinder is in these days because of its connected base with Linkedin and all the marketing is also done by Linkedin, however word has it that Profinder is only for Graphic designers, writers and developers at the moment. The websites like and are surely at the top of the game because of their social media promotions.

Freelanicing is becoming one of the top economy itself and every member of modern community is trying to have some extra earning via freelancing and some are even full time freelancers, so whether you are a part time freelancer or a full time, here are the top 10 websites which are not only better but credible websites so you can kick your freelancing career to its extreme top.

1. 99Designs

This website is first in our list as mainly the full time freelancers earn from designing and developing, and this websites gathers all the designing experts on one platform and offers unmatchable jobs for the constructive use of designing expertise and thus flourishing the freelancer careers. So, if you specialize in marketing, advertising, merchandizing, packaging or graphic work then you must try 99Designs as it is the perfect destination to boost your skills and so your career. You can get ultimate career building projects at 99Designs.

2. Aquent

Aquent is the right place for marketing and digital creative professionals as it connects freelancers to the global opportunities via its staffing agency. You can avail different on site and remote opportunities available on the website, you can even look for full time jobs. The company also offers training to freelancers via its online course.

3. The Creative Group

The creative group is a part of huge resource services firm and it is expert in finding perfect job for professionals in fields such as marketing, art, designing, writing, photography and many other creative fields. You can find both the freelance work and contract hiring on the website.

4. Crowded

Crowded is a platform which helps in hiring independent full time workers and also incorporates freelance job posting via different on demand platforms thus solving the supply and demand tension equally at both ends. Crowded is the place which helps freelancers to enjoy the wide range of opportunities at one destination.

5. Crowdsource

Crowdsource is the company which is a perfect destination for all the creative writers and editors as it offers millions of opportunities for freelancers including content creation, editing etc. the company is one of the biggest online platforms available for content moderation online retailers, publishers and media companies. The company is known for handling the largest online editorial tasks swiftly and smoothly with maximum accuracy because of its qualified freelance workforce. The company lets freelancers earn through its projects and if a task is completed well by a member, he/she is more likely to have access to bigger projects.

6.  Flexjobs

Flexjobs offer more than 50 different categories for freelancers and offers job listings as well. The company offers the legit jobs and guarantees the quality. Flexjobs also offer skill testing, job searching instructions etc.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a lot different from other freelance websites as freelancers create their service offers in form of gigs and Fiverr let companies find these freelancers according to the requirement of companies. Freelancers sell their services to companies instead of pleading them for work via job applications. Fiverr is very well known these days and is gaining popularity with time.


  1. is also a very well-known marketplace for outsourcing and offers freelancers various methods of work incorporating project based jobs, hourly jobs and contests.


Guru is like other freelance job companies and it lets freelancers build their profiles and portfolio and let companies choose the potential freelancers via reviews and earnings. Guru also shows how much the company has spent on freelancers so the freelancers also get to work with a credible company.

10. Krop

Krop is a job search platform and also a portfolio developer. It offers creatrive and technical experts to show their abilities by creating mutual personal websites thus showcasing their skills to the employers.


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