Top 10 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

Top 10 Business Ideas with Zero Investment
14 Apr 2015

Any startup needs handful amount of money to start with & also to market your product but not all the startups need a lot of investment to start with. There are so many business options for you to adopt if you don’t have enough capital to invest. Starting a business can be tricky & requires hard work that you never thought but it worth your time as you will be the successful entrepreneurs after you get your brand established. I’ve tried to cover up some of the options you can try without big investment.

1. Start Writing
If you are good at writing interesting & SEO friendly contents, you can become a successful freelance writer & that only requires concepts & zero investment to open the notepad & start writing.

2. Marketing Agency
If you are well experienced & expert at helping businesses to grow faster, you can start your own marketing agency & provide services like, web designing, graphics or content writing. You can also give consultancy to new buyers who don’t really know where to start their marketing campaigns. This startup only requires some efforts & excellent speaking skills with of course no investment.

3. Freelance Your Skills
If you are good at giving away your expert level services to buyers you can start freelancing without any cash in hand & this can turn out to be the best source of earning for you.


4. Business Couching
New business are looking for couching services now a days & it is very popular among marketing firms. There are so many business couching services available for all type of business & you can start your own couching service to help new business to grow faster. You can do research & marketing activities for their product or services & get paid good chunk.

5. Online Website Portal
You can also start a professional website in the niche you are expert & after working hard for a year you can achieve good alexa rank & some extra cash as well.

6. Real Estate Broker
If you are good in expending your social circle offline, you can start real estate brokerage business in the matter of months & get amazing chunk of 3-8% on every deal.

7. Fitness & Wellness Trainer
If you are fond of taking good care of your health & body, you can offer training services to others who are conscious about their fitness. You can start our own health club with minimal investment or offer your services to a popular health club in your area.

8. Wedding & Event Planner
Event management is also very interesting & good paying career if you can start a well managed & planned business. You can start with the small budget events & move to the big clients after gaining experience & developing a team to handle all size of events.

9. Photography
If you are good at taking very professional photos, you can earn some good cash selling your photos online via different stock photography sites.

10. Match Making
There are very few people working in the soul mate world but they are making good profit. If you can help your friends to meet their soul mates you can turn it to be a good side gig as well.

All these options can be very lucrative & life changing for you if you select one of the above & give 100% attention to that business. These can be started by very minimal or zero investment & you can become a millionaire in the span of 2-3 years.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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