Top 10 Best Paying Jobs without a Degree

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs without a Degree
24 Jun 2015

College degree has become so much important in our life that we all want to pursue it no matter what to get best paying jobs as we think every other job necessarily requires a college degree. Like someone said “As if the only success is academic success”. Fortunately that’s not the case; definitely there are many jobs that you can do to earn highest salaries WITHOUT a college degree.

1. Administrative Assistant

Administrative_jobAdministrative assistant job responsibility might include conducting research, preparing reports and handling clients/customers. Well being a administrative is no rocket science and doesn’t requires a degree even but you’d be surprised to know that an average administrative assistant in United States earns $66,000 annually and $33 hourly.


2. Customer Service Agent

Customer_Service_AgentYou seriously need nothing to be a customer service agent just a good grasp over language is bliss, as all the training is provided by the employer company according to the niche of services. The most amazing thing about this job is incentives, and the potential of growth in this job never ceases to amaze me. Anyhow the figures, yes you can earn $52,000 annually besides all the incentives and fancy perks.


3. Insurance Agent

Insurance_AgentEverybody wants insurance in today’s unpredictable world so being an insurance agent is right choice for degree less people. You just need a little convincing skill and don’t worry if you don’t have it because the companies arrange really good training sessions to teach this skill to the agents. An average insurance agent in America earns $47,000 annually.


4. Web Developer

Web_DeveloperThe most interesting job that even has a scope of becoming a successful business. Web developer is someone who provides services for people who want to open a website. As the whole world is available on internet, this profession with no college degree can be a fortune for keeners. You might work with leading web development companies or can open your own company and can even work as an individual. The job also has a scope of earning more and more with the experience. So yes an average web developer in America earns $58,000 to $87,000 annually.


5. Journalist

Journalist_ProfessionIt is very common of us to think that being a journalist requires a journalism degree, but trust me it only requires skills like confidence and ability to write well, there are many examples of journalist in industry who started without a college degree and are still carrying on. An average journalist in America earns $50,000 annually.





6. HR Manager

HR_Manager While most of us think that HR is not the most active department as it just makes sure that right people are coming in and everyone is getting paid, but I guess only few of us know that HR manager with no college degree is getting almost the same salary as degree holder employee. An average HR manager in United States earns $62,000 annually.


7. Air Traffic Controller

Air_Traffic_Controller It is an interesting job, believe me. The National Air Traffic Control departments in most countries offer short courses to train the degree less people skills to control the air traffic efficiently. The starting salary is £12,000 and an average agent of air traffic earns $65,000 annually.






8. Commodities Trader

There are plenty of people in this field who joined offices without any college degree, just be good with math and you’re good to land in the office. As every career opportunity needs skills, but the traders in this field need approval by the regulator agency, which is not a big deal. The average commodity trader in America earns $84,000 annually.


9. Equities Trader

Equities-Trader If you have the required approvals and are a good salesman you must consider one of the most well paid jobs as an equity trader in stocks and share market. Many of Hollywood movies have shown us how folks with no degree became the best stock brokers and the best salary holders. So an average equity trader in America earns $95,000 a year.





10. Freelancing (Home Based Jobs)

Freelancing_HomebasedThis is one of my personal favorites as you can start on any level and the more experience you gain the more you earn. People with no degree and good skills are part of biggest online companies and are generating more income than regular employees. Also you can use any skill you’re good at when doing freelancing. It has a lot of perks as you don’t require college degree, workload is according to your wish and timings are flexible. Now the best part; an
average home based online freelancer earns $25.7 hourly and $84,000 to $180,000 annually.


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