Tips to Win 99Designs Contest

Tips to Win 99Designs Contest
30 Mar 2015

99Designs is the most popular & highest paying platform for freelancers to join the contest & earn handsome cash every month. It is designed to help new start-ups to get the best quality identity kit, website & other stuff at competitive rates. Freelancers around the globe are submitting their work on 99designs & winning the contest by giving top quality results.

You can earn $299 as Bronze Price, $499 for Silver Price & up to $1200 for platinum price in logo category.

Graph_99designs_prize is also a blessing if you really want to learn the high standard graphic designing, you will become very professional designer in few month time even if you don’t win a contest you will earn a lot of experience that will help you to win jobs from other platforms. You can also use the logos, graphics as portfolio on other sites.

Here are some tips that can be useful for you while working on 99designs.

1. Read the Description

It is important that you should read the job description of any project on 99designs before starting the work. This will help you save time & only work on the style that client is looking for. Without reading the job requirement you may end up submitting something out of the course & in result client may reject your submission. Once your submission is rejected you will lose all confidence to do it again so be wise at first place.

2. Monitor the Submissions

You can also submit the most relevant design if the contest is open by checking what other designers are submitting & the ratting they get from buyer. In blind contests you have to stick to the description alone & you will only be able to see others submissions once the contest is over.

3. Ask for Feedback

You should always request the client to give their feedback on your submission & if you get a reply, the chance of winning will go higher for you.


4. Submit Multiple Options

It is strongly recommended that you submit more than 1 option for clients as this will increase the percentage of your winning. It will also give impact to client that you are more than willing & keen to deliver the exact design. Clients prefer to give feedback to the multiple submissions by a single person.


5. Presentation Mockups

Presenting your logo or other graphics on PSD mockups is also trending these days & it helps designers to gain attention of buyers quickly. Buyers sometime get excited to see your mockup & don’t actually look much about the design. These are some of the mock up example that I used & it attracts many clients:



You can buy premium mockup templates from themeforest or even download free mockups PSDs action file using & other similar websites.


6. Quick Revisions

Always stay alert & check email often, in case you get a reply from client to modify the design you should act upon without wasting time. This will provide confident to client that you are on it.


7. Handle Rejection

In case you failed to impress the client by following the above mentioned tips, you should still not lose hope & monitor different running contests. If someone else win a contest try to understand the quality he/she delivered so you can learn something for next contest.

By following these simple tips you can win 20% of the contests & that make handsome cash every month. If you have some additional tips for fellow readers please do share in the comment box below. Happy Winning J

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