Tips to Reduce Stress and Saving Time at Travel Conferences

Tips to Reduce Stress and Saving Time at Travel Conferences
28 Aug 2015

Conferences and seminars take place almost all year around the globe while some of them truly blow your mind with the quality and initiatives it has to offer. Conferences are important for entrepreneurs in terms of learning more and expanding businesses. Conferences are also vital because of the opportunity to socialize with other significant businesses and individuals.

Despite so many benefits and perks of conferences, they might also make you weary, bored and consume a lot of your important time. Many of us avoid conferences despite its benefits, but don’t avoid them anymore because here are some tips which will help you in saving time, energy, effort and will make your trip joyful.

  1. Book accommodation via a private browser

By booking without privacy mode you might get high rates and the website may charge you more because they can track your location and offer you prices according to where you are browsing from. So whenever you need to book a flight or hotel you must opt for private browsing extension such as chrome in incognito mode.

  1. Do a little research about transportation apps

Before you arrive at your destination make sure you properly research about all the transportation apps in the area. All the authentic apps might not be present in the area you will be arriving in so you must already check what applications work in that destination because you won’t be able to well explain the cab driver and also it wouldn’t have a good first impression on attendees.

1. Connect with attendees on social media prior to the event

You must share updates of you attending the conference on the social media accounts so people who are from same industry will respond to your updates. The trends of hash tags also help people to gather at one platform. It is always good to have some acquaintances so you get a good chance to socialize.

4. Have extra clothes in your hand carry

Causalities always happen and there is always a chance of losing your travel baggage and if it contains all the clothes you need then you might get in serious trouble, it will not only stress you out but is also a waste a time. If the conference is way too important for you to attend then you might consider idea of having extra set of clothes in your hand carry because conferences usually last a day or two and you don’t have much luggage to take so it is appropriate to carry the extra suit with you.

5. Have a copy of hotel venue and address on your phone

It is very imperative to have proper address and location of your hotel and conference in your phone because there is always a good chance of losing the hotel address when its written on some paper. You will also need hotel venue and conference venue in order to make online reservations and transportations etc. so having a soft form of the address will save you the stress of typing it every time when someone asks for it.

6. Try getting an upgrade hotel

You must be surprised by this but most of the hotels provide upgrade to corporate people for their short stay of conference, most of the hotel staff are quite accommodating and they normally are happy to help you for their marketing purposes, so make sure you ask for an upgrade.

7. Make restaurant reservations even before

Nice food at a different and genuinely new place can be a headache for you, so it is vital that you make dinner reservations in advance and have proper address of the place. Look for places nearby your hotel and conference venue by searching on internet, also judge a place by the good reviews it has, you can use applications aswell for this purpose.

8. Put your phone of airplane mode

Your phone can be a lot of distraction during conference so you might want to make it quiet for some time and put it on airplane mode which will turn off your Wi-Fi, GPS, cellular data, mobile network etc so you make most out of your trip and your phone wont disturb you and others.


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