Tips to Make Your Corporate Blog Worth Following

Tips to Make Your Corporate Blog Worth Following
29 Jun 2015

Handling a corporate blog is surely one heck of a task as you continuously need the perfect management and as it is clear that not all blogs become successful, also the responsibility increases when you’re handling a corporate blog. Corporate blog can pay you off really well if managed well and when managing two things matter the most.

Share great readable content, you need to make sure that your posts are worth reading, people enjoy reading and sharing them. Promote the blog; don’t get satisfied with the specific number of readers, you need to continually promote your blog in order to get more reads.

Underneath are the few tips which will help you to understand and promote your corporate blog:

1. Be genuine and special

Don’t fill up your blog with corporate talk and or product promotions because that will only bore the readers, you need to provide authentic and personal stories by creating a genuine relationship with the readers. The best way to do so is to write most genuine and special content which connects with feelings of people. One best example of such blog is Virgin Atlantic which incorporates experiences and readers enjoy blogs about the best customer experiences rather than just plans and payments.

2. Post thorough content

You would have often heard about suggestions of writing quickly readable posts of 500 or shorter word count but it is truly a misconception as a research discovered that posts of 2000-2050 word count had greater hits and greater reads rather than blogs of lesser word count. Also a study suggested that the long content engages the readers well and a good blog must take 7 minutes to read. The long thorough content gives a better understanding to the readers.

3. Engage readers by giving examples and stories

This is one of the most important of guidelines as your content will decide if your blog is going to be famous or not. When writing for a corporate blog always engage readers by stories and examples rather than facts and figures. There is a proper logic to explain the importance of stories and examples as our brain mimics the characters of the story.

4. Provide actionable information

Headline is the most important part of the blog; before people read your blog they see the headline; make it interesting. People won’t read the blog unless the heading is really catchy. The catchiest headlines promise authentic information which people might actually use. A very recent study suggests that most people click the blog which starts as “10 tips/ways” and the other ratio of public goes with topics which start with “how to”.

5. Inaugurating your blog

Launching blogs takes in to consideration a lot of important things but firstly basics need to be done first, like share your blog on the social media pages of the company, also post the relevant blogs on the website of the company. Another important thing you can do is to submit your blog on the significant blog listing sites. One more important thing you certainly need to do is to publish a press release about your new blog and lastly make sure all email invitations to visit blog are sent and blogs can be easily shared by readers on the social media or any other way.

6. Make online communities participate

An important and easy way to get more readers you need to bring your insight to other online communities. Websites like storify and helps you to generate sharable, follow able and interesting stories which are also endorsed on the social pages of the relevant website. There are hundreds of online communities where you can get endorsements for your blogs, but ethically you need to participate in the community fully in order to get consistent responses and reviews.

7. Advertise your blog

Enough budgets are required for this purpose and if you have the resources you can use tools like Google Adwords for the advertising purpose. Focus on getting the low competition keywords with moderate search volume. Be careful about the fancy high competition keywords as you are not promoting any product, just your blog content. Facebook and other social media ads are also helping a lot in this matter.


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