Tips to Get a Job Using LinkedIn

Tips to Get a Job Using LinkedIn
22 Jun 2015

LinkedIn is one of the major social network we all are aware of, but there is a slight difference between LinkedIn and other social networks and that is because of the high professionalism manner maintained by the company and also the members of this networking website are the largest corporate companies along with the job seekers, experienced professionals and freshies. When calculated last time there were 277 million active profiles on LinkedIn, so surely you need to be on it too.

LinkedIn in modern world has become one of the greatest tools to get hired by the largest companies globally and it also helps the companies to select the right candidate from an extensive range of human resource. In the recent past LinkedIn has emerged as one of the quickest, easiest and promising ways of getting a job, but not everybody gets a job on LinkedIn and those who do followed some helpful tips, I’m sharing those tips with you guys which would surely help you to get a successful job.

1. Understand the scope of LinkedIn

Understanding the scope of LinkedIn means you need to understand the core purpose of LinkedIn, instead of just comparing it to other social networks. LinkedIn is about the people and companies who can find potential in you and can hire you in an instant. LinkedIn is very beneficial in a way as it tells all about the company or individual one is interested in, it gives the insight of everything before one would even attend an interview with the relative company.

According to a recent survey 77% members of LinkedIn were satisfied with the jobs they got through LinkedIn and they think that LinkedIn has a potential to get the most trusted jobs to the right people.

2. Search function is incredible, use it more often

The search function on LinkedIn is highly remarkable and a recent survey discloses that more than 5 billion searches were done in the past year on the social networks. LinkedIn has a powerful search engine which makes you land on the quickest and most probable results.

For example if one is interested in customer services jobs and searches “customer services” via the search bar, he/she would be landed to a page full of profiles, groups, companies and individuals doing such works. The search can be customized according to groups, jobs, or people. Once you get connected with them, you can message them in an instant and if you’re not connected you surely can try connecting as it can do wonders with your career.

3. Create a remarkable profile full of real time experiences

When on LinkedIn the thing which matters most is the profile, so while making a profile on LinkedIn you need to know that in today’s age practicality, potential and experience matters more than education. To rise above the crappy noise of degrees, you need to constantly share your experiences out aloud on the LinkedIn and make sure they can grab the attention of audience. As visuals makes it easier and reliable for people to trust on you by 50%, you got to take few pictures every time you attend a workshop or groundbreaking event, post a picture with a short catchy description.

4. Be social and participate in groups

As there are thousands of platforms and groups on LinkedIn, yet some people just sit around for people to interact while they don’t have any social skills and don’t engage in groups. They seriously need to join some interactive groups and participate in them on regular basis.

The other most important thing about interacting is that don’t be perky but ask convenient survey sort of questions and give choice to people and also respect them for their opinion. And remember; don’t be over social, just the right kind of social.

5. Connect more often and take recommendations seriously

As mentioned before connecting is not a difficult thing on LinkedIn and can be a cause of fortune for you. So connect more and make it customized by sending a personal message like:

Hey! Good to find you here. I had wonderful time with you at the conference, so let’s keep in touch for more to come. Kind regards, Sadia.

Another very helpful thing on LinkedIn is to take endorsements and recommendations seriously as nobody is that free on that professional network to jerk around and provide lame comments, so if anybody gives you any serious recommendation, you must consider it well enough.

UPDATE: Microsoft have just announce to buy in 26 billion dollars and Linkedin already accepted this lucrative offer.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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