Tips to Dress Smartly Being an Entrepreneur

Tips to Dress Smartly Being an Entrepreneur
21 Aug 2015

Being entrepreneur is the smartness of mind though but for being a successful one you must look like one. Entrepreneurs must dress smartly in today’s time because you are mainly judged by your looks as your first impression is very significant in expansion of your business. People are more likely to make business deals with you if you look smart too. You must dress attractively even in routine time for setting a good impression on your employees and day to any clients.

Although there are different dressings for different events but even the most casual dressings for entrepreneurs must be unusual for others. Dressing can have the right effect on people and you must dress smartly for people to acknowledge your physical smartness as well as your braininess.

So if you are wearing suit casually or wearing casual on meetings and end up feeling stupid, don’t worry as noticed most of us don’t have the right fashion sense because we hardly get time to shop or go through latest collections and trends. Anyhow don’t be anxious about it anymore because we have a complete set of tips to turn even your casual in to smart casual.

Casual Clothing

If you are invited to some casual event be clear that casual is no dress code and it allows you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

For Guys: you can wear any sort of plain T-shirts particularly Polo T-shirts or Henley shirt with pair of khakis or jeans along with sneakers or sandals. An added advice for guys is to avoid tattooed or graphic T-shirts.

For Gals: you can wear any kind of blazer, top or delicate T-shirt with pair of your best jeans. If you have quite simple T-shirt you can glow it up little bit with jewelry or accessories like wrist watch. Sneakers are equally comfortable for such events as well as bit heels. You might also try flats and sandals.

Business Casual

Business casual is the type of clothing you do on casual work day. Business casual is just like any other day at office kind of clothing.

For Guys: Guys can wear any collared shirt or plain polo shirt along with pair of khakis or dress pants. The rest would be done by loafer shoes or dress shoes. An added tip would be patterned collared shirts or textured shirts which give less dressy look, nicely iron your clothes.

For Gals: You can wear dress pants or khakis with a classy top. Skirt is also a good alternative; you can as well use jewelry and accessories. An added tip for you is to avoid making up your hair in a dramatic way, wear light make up and perfume.

Dressy Casual

Well it’s an alternative word for smart casual which is a combination of all the above mentioned dress codes to create a nice blend of smart collection.

For Guys: It’s a great time for guys to make use of their denim pants with textured, corduroy coats or sports coat. You can also use vest, khakis, ties and other accessories to spice it up bit more. An added tip for guys would be to choose carefully if going with denim pants, avoid holes in pants and choose the sharp and dark blue color.

For Gals: You have the coolest option of choosing between slacks and skirts. You have the liberty to choose jeans but do so with a nice collared shirt.

Informal Dressing

Informal must not be mixed with casual clothing but it needs a bit of formality. The colors must be formal like black, grey, navy etc.

For Guys: You can choose between business suits and sports coat with tie & slacks.

For Gals: Heels with business suit or dresses are ideal for such sort of occasion.

Semi-Formal Dressing

Semi formal is not totally an event for tuxedos or fancy gowns but its bit more than suits and skirts.

For Guys: Long ties with dark suits are ideal.

For Gals: It is perfect time for girls to put on long simple gowns with small patch work maybe. Wear dark colors and put on classy makeup. Avoid short dresses and skirts.

Formal Dressing

Finally for formal dressing males must put on tuxedos/ties and ladies should opt for formal long gowns.

For Guys: You can go for tuxedos and black tie optional. Use cufflinks.

For Gals:  Go for the most optimal floor length evening gowns. Make elegant hairstyle.


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