Time Management- Be At the Top of Your Game

Time Management- Be At the Top of Your Game
28 Aug 2015

We hear a lot of bragging about time, people always tell you importance of time, from school to university; your teachers eat your head and then comes in your boss and if you are boss yourself then you surely going to hate yourself for being bad at time management. We surely don’t want to eat your head but yeah once again “time is money”. We all try to make money every time but we don’t bother about the potential wealth slipping from our hands day by day and we let it because we usually waste in doing things which anyone can do.

We understand today’s tough life requirements but we still urge on time management as its importance is increasing in contemporary era because we are surrounded by so many time consuming gadgets and businesses. We have mainly noticed that small business owners run for office supplies rather than signing new deals, finding potential clients etc. Moreover the need to do everything themselves is another problem of entrepreneurs which comes in way of time management for example you’d rather fix your computer yourself than letting the IT person do it.

However we won’t only talk big about it but here are some wonderful tips that can help you to easily manage your time with all the fancy gadgets and business commitments.

1. Don’t do chores yourself

It is important especially when you start a business, doing household will eat your time like anything so don’t do these tasks yourself, because there are people who’d love to wash dishes, clean place, cook food or do laundry for you at cheap rates like $10-$12 per hour. People pray for such job which anyone can do but you must be sure that the brain and thought process you have is not ordinary and you must use it for doing the productive work.

Your entrepreneur brain can help you earn millions of dollars when you help it do what it is supposed to do. So there’s no point in doing dishes in fact you must pay someone for doing it.

2. Save time for bigger opportunities

You will only be able to find opportunities which you will get when you look them up, they just don’t come running to you, so better invest your skills in finding the opportunities rather than running after office supplies or fixing your computer, you need to let go ego in such matters because as I see it, it will cost you gig in the bigger picture. Outsource time consuming tasks and focus yourself on bigger things.

3. Personal assistant will ease your daily life

Fixing appointments, taking calls, replying to emails is not what you are supposed to do. Hire an assistant for that which you might get on cheaper prices like $8-$15 per hour but it’ll give you such a fortunate thing on planet which is time. You’ll have time to relax, explore and focus on entrepreneur things rather than assistant things. You can also hire a virtual assistant to save resources and money because people on freelancing sites will be getting crazy if you post a $5 job per hour and you can choose from the experienced ones so you spend lesser time on getting things straight.

4. Relax and feel good

You don’t need to worry if you are wasting your time by relaxing because you tend to think well when you relax as I mentioned in previous article about why vacations are a must for entrepreneurs. Your thought process refines when you take time off, you need to feel great for relaxing and thinking for the bigger future profits plans. Even if you take time off from thinking it’ll still polish your thought process.

5. Focus on time when you can perform best

Yes surprisingly everyone has productive timeslots when they can perform best like some people work best at early time while others work better in later hours. So you need to focus on when you need to work on most important things. So you’ll only get to enjoy the perks of being an entrepreneur only when you learn to manage time.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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