Things Preventing you from Success!

Things Preventing you from Success!
25 Mar 2015

It says: Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. There is a thin line between you & your success & that thin line is often hard to remove. The line is your habit & the way you are using your computer & internet. Internet is a revolution that can change your financial life too along with your social circle. It depends on how you are dividing your time/schedule in front of your computer. You need to stay away or arrange some discipline in the following habits to get some extra hours to put on your career.

1. Social Media

Social Media sites are very good tool to create a professional network & gain jobs but it is also the most time killer thing & it is stopping me & you from achieving goals. You must manage the amount of time you are going to spend on social media & you can do so by creating a stop watch to monitor the hours. In my personal opinion, you should never spend more than 4 hours on social media in one week period. This will help you to surf motivational sites like or Forbes etc. You can also spend the time to arrange your goals for coming months & plan how you are going to chase them.

2. Playing Computer Games

Gaming is also an addiction & you get involved so much that you forget to concentrate on your work even after the game is closed. You should only play the game after 8 hours of productive exercise on internet. Playing physical games is also a great alternate of this.

 3. Downloading Torrents

Downloading movies or games torrent are also killing about 50% of our time every week. Instead of downloading unlimited number of film you should only make a chart of 5 best movies & watch them on weekends in Cinema. This will also save you extra bucks you spend on bandwidth.

 4. Live Streaming

Live Streaming on Netflix or YouTube is another key point in throwing you away from your destination. Streaming a video is something very healing, you are laying back on your seat & watching something is spending your important time. You can do some research work in this given time & that will help you in proceeding with your business.

 5. Chatting Messaging

Chatting or sending mobile sms is very popular among youth & most of the time you are spending useless message like “how r u” “what you eat” etc. This habit is making you addict of typing while you are on bed or even in bathroom. Yes, the sms package is very lavish but your time is more important than cellular network offer so focus on your career more than your mobile.


6. Going out for Party without Schedule

We all are very fond of party, dance & drinks but we should never do this without a pre-planned thing. Some folks are just a call away to help you kill your time but it is your duty to keep track of your activities so do it on weekends only.

All these habits are very dangerous & they are carrying you away from your goal. You should count the total amount of hours you are going to spend on computer & make sure you are giving 80% to your work. Happy work!


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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