The Interrelated Circle of Android Applications :(

The Interrelated Circle of Android Applications :(
18 Jun 2015

Android is one of the most prominent advancement in the world of technical innovation. Android when launched became the most modern and trusted brand in the field of Smartphone operating systems. Although it was commonly said that android is somewhat copy of ios but we all very well know the distinctions.

With the latest mobile programming software come the most recent applications and the charming updates every now and then. As the android updates never fail to impress the users but now with the recent lollipop update users are somewhat disappointed because of the same basic structure of the main menu and almost same graphics of every android application and even android itself.

Android recent lollipop update almost looks like the recent update of Whatsapp messenger and Whatsapp messenger looks like Viber and Facebook messenger.


The above shown screenshots of three famous most applications of whatsapp show the interconnected and consistently same graphics. The most widely used applications are continuously copying graphics of each other instead of doing something really innovative.

Another example of how the features and graphics of android applications is given below:


The above shown pictures are the screenshots of two most advanced applications in the Android technology world. Viber and Whatsapp both have same profile view and same graphical features. That’s really saddening that innovation is far left behind in the race of technological advancements. With every new update we experience more ease, smoothness and efficient control but at the same time same graphical features are making it nothing but boring. The charm of different applications is lost because of the same controls and same uninteresting graphics. It’d be even okay if this were just the applications who are copying each other but it really makes me question graphical creativeness when I got my phone updated with the much awaited lollipop update 5.0 – 5.1.

The one hand operating mode of Whatsapp latest update and Android lollipop update is the one most important and prominent feature that Whatsapp update and Android update have in common.

Not only the features but the graphics of both Whatsapp and Lollipop update are even the same. The contacts, menu and messaging is almost the same. This makes me really sick to have the same graphical features in my phone.

The lollipop update has done nothing but to fail the expectations of many users like one myself. The recent lollipop has made a crap out of all the excitement I had for the new graphical features of Lollipop update.

Following are the examples of how Whatsapp update and Lollipop update are almost same.


The contacts which appear in Whatsapp’s contacts slot and Android Lollipop’s contacts slot is almost equally same. The same circle outline of contacts in both whatsapp and Android Lollipop is even same.


Above is the illustration of Whatsapp smart contacts and Android Lollipop new feature of smart contact information. There is nothing unique with the new Android Lollipop update as most of the features are already introduced by whatsapp and other renowned applications like Viber.

Another very important feature that is same in the Whatsapp update and Android Lollipop update is the layout of the contacts. An illustration of which is given below:


So it is pretty much clear that there is hardly any difference between Android Lollipop update and whatsapp recent update, you cannot really distinguish between two.


Messaging is another very important feature in the android update as the thread messaging was already there but android took similarity to another level by incorporating same shape of icons in the messaging bar as whatsapp.


The same whatsapp and android icons really depict how the technology is not incorporating creativeness and innovation.

Locked Screen:

The lock screen Android incorporated this time is not a bit different that ios lockscreen, although android had some most amazing lock screen features in all the past android versions.




Lock screen is also very important feature in any phone and android was above anyone else in this technical feature, however now copying ios in its recent Lollipop update android has proved yet again that there is no room for creativeness in technology.


This integrated approach of same graphical designs in Android and its famous applications has done nothing but to dissatisfy its users. People were really happy about how whatsapp introduced calling feature and the new lush green color. But after finding the new Android Lollipop update same as whatsapp, Android users are really disappointed. Android and other renowned developers must consider that in the trendy world people demand variation and by providing the same thing in one or other way people would lose interest and the sole aim of android might get in danger as the Android competitors are trying their best to let it down.




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