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A story with success lesson.

A real life 1 minute story by Ayesha Zaman with a lesson for success.Please share if you like.

Posted by Armaghan Saqib on Sunday, March 1, 2015
25 Mar 2015

I didn’t plan to be a writer, but one thing was for sure – I wanted to be something in my life. We used to hear people saying, “Find your Focus in Life” and then start putting efforts. I totally disagree with this notion, because the PURPOSE OF LIFE is the ultimate goal of our arrival to God’s earth and that big thing can’t be done in just a blink of eye, it takes a lot of efforts.

I would like to share what inspired me to write. Here’s my story.

I’m a student of BBIT Hons. , now in 8th semester. As I got into my 4th semester, I got some questions in mind that I wanted to discuss with someone, but they were too stupid to be shared so I started writing them on the paper and answered myself – on paper. Well, it went on and took the shape of novel, which was focused on some bitter realities in Muslim community. By the time I realized that I am doing something good, I got the feel to go for publishing, though it was not complete yet. And I lost creativity, for before doing good with my manuscript I got the thirst of fame, may be.

Sometimes, to accomplish something big, we shouldn’t know how much great work we are doing.

I couldn’t complete that novel, ultimately. After that experience, I took a long break and started writing my blog under guidance of my professor Mr. Fahad Ali Kazmi. The very first day of publishing a post on my blog, I got an offer to write for a pet’s website as they liked my way of writing. I started writing paid articles on that web. But soon, I came to know that I’m wasting my creativity on something that doesn’t appeal my heart, and I quit writing those paid articles.

After a long break, again, when I was in my 4th semester, I got some dream that appeared to be quite real. As I could know some places that I never had heard of, before. Just to get myself out of that dogma, I started writing it on paper. That topic really appealed my heart, so I continued with it. By that time, I had no interest in getting something published as I had bad experience reaching some publisher for my first failed attempt of writing.

I had great interest in Entrepreneurship and Training so I started a venture with some of my new colleagues, but for the GOOD FATE – I would say – I was ditched by the time that venture got the boast. I was all heart broken, as that achievement was the result of my sweat and determination. Then I got a notion to do something that would never be stolen or snatched, so I took out this writing from my laptop after about one year and started working on it. I presented it to some of my trustworthy friends and seniors, they endorsed and asked me to get it published.


I googled the ways to go for it and finally got the amazing publishing features at amazon and createspace, where I was able to get the copy rights, most importantly. In a few days, I got the novel demanded in Pakistan as the preview was available for read at This made me publish The Quest of Existence Vol. 1, here in Pakistan. And now, it is available at some good bookstores and online weblinks, to purchase, both nationally and internationally.

I am enjoying this journey to KNOW MYSELF and now I am on my way to continue the series and work on some other titles too. Because what I believe is:

Listen to your heart and Follow your intuitions.  

                                                              (Steve Jobs)


Ayesha Zaman

Ayesha Zaman is the author of fictional series "The Quest of Existence" and the student of BBIT Hons. at PU. She is a motivational speaker, risk taker and a day dreamer - doing with some business and social causes.

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