The Fortune-Costing Apple Products

22 Mar 2015

As soon as Apple plans to release a product, be it an Iphone or Ipad or their latest model of Macbook, first thing critics point out is how costly they are. Hundreds of discussions and disputes erupt over blogs and forums, where people discuss whether or not the products are worth buying. Despite all discussions and disputes, one can see thousands of them standing in queue, to be the first to get their hands on the newly released products. Ever imagined why? I’ll tell you why!

Being a diehard fan of Apple products myself, I can say the product has a magical feel. No kidding! But that is not the only reason why I bother investing such a hefty amount into a smart phone, knowing that I can get smart phones with similar features and functions, may be better, at even half the price.




Well the very first reason is that Apple has become one luxury brand. Their products have now become a status symbol, hence the costly price. This means Apple now has complete power of asking whatever price, just because he can. This doesn’t mean Apple is ripping off people, but in actual any company or brand would ask for as much money as they could. IF only they could.



Another reason is its reliability and customer service. Apart from their high priced products, Apple is known for looking after its loyal customers. Being a luxury product, Apple makes sure his customers are being taken care of in the best possible manner. For obvious reasons, Apple also makes sure the product launched is reliable and well durable. The customer representatives are always at service and ready to help achieve a solution. Their services are not only available for those customers with a warranty, but many often have I seen cases where a burnt cable or a hairline in screen is serviced, despite expired warranty. Not only this, but it is done efficiently and well without costing a fortune.

Other than that the resale market for Apple products is far better than other products. After using their Iphones or Macbooks for three or so years, the resale price still stands for half the actual price. Whereas other phones would return only quarter or even lesser amount of the actual price, after using for such a long period of time.

Apart from the obvious reasons, one main and well astonishing reason that I came across when researching, was that usually the customers who buy these products do not have to pay such hefty amounts, well at least not instantly. Want to know how? Well go on reading!

Most telecommunication brands and service providers in countries such as US, UK, Australia etc. come up with affordable schemes for their customers. The schemes usually include, buying a data package, which is usually bigger and costs more than the usual and with a additional charge of let’s say $150, the person gets to have an upgraded newly released Iphone. Which in the retail market costs more than $800 and above. So this means it’s not the customer or user who has to pay such hefty amounts for the product, but instead telecommunication brands. Why do they come up with such deals? What’s in it for them?

Well the answer is quite simple! As I mentioned earlier that the package offered in the deal is usually costly than the usual ones, this means it is the extra money the data providers are charging the customer that goes into paying for the phone. These schemes are usually contract based for two years or less. This means by the end of the contract, the total cost of buying the phone is received. This also means that there is not a single penny that the telecommunication brand has to pay; instead the package that they have provided brings even more profit to them. So it basically is just a method of attracting customers into buying a bigger data bundle, which as mentioned above brings great amounts of profit. Neither is there anything bad for the customer in it, as he gets a high end product without burdening himself for paying such a hefty amount on spot. Instead the person has the advantage of paying the amount on a monthly basis, with a mere down payment of $150 or so, which I believe is totally worth it!

Apple is always magnificent & the most favorite tweet is now a days #MackbookLust


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