Starting up Freelancing? Things to Consider

Starting up Freelancing? Things to Consider
02 Mar 2015

Starting up a new freelance business sounds interesting & exciting but there is a certain checklist that you need to work on before jumping into the ocean.

  1. Are your services/skills appealing enough to attract customers?
  2. Do you have back up of at least 6 months to survive?
  3. Are you confident about your Speaking & Listening Skills?
  4. Can you manage the freelance business while not leaving your current job?
  5. Can you turn your clients into regular clients after delivery first job?
  6. Do you have proper space at home or can you afford one small office?
  7. Do you write & speak efficient English?


These are few important questions to ask yourself before you start hunting for an online career. You can consult with your friends/family member but in the end you are the only one who has the answers of above mentioned questions. In my personal experience it looks very appealing from outside but it is more like any other physical business you start. You will have to work in late hours & sometime even you may have to sacrifice your holidays to accommodate important clients.


If you are starting the career please have some extra cash in bank so in case you don’t earn much you must survive for at least 5-6 months without any debt on you. One can be successful in freelancing only if he/she is determine & consistent in their efforts & for consistent efforts you need some extra cash flow to keep running the daily matters. You will have to go forward & sometime step backward during the initial days so be prepared for that & don’t ever leave the ground, promise yourself you are here to WIN & not to lose.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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