Social Media – Powerful Job Hunting Tool

Social Media – Powerful Job Hunting Tool
04 Mar 2015

We all are using social media websites like addicts but have you ever tried to make your profile professional enough to attract new clients along with bidding on freelancing website? There are certain points you should consider while making your profiles on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Read some tips below:


1. Make Complete Profile

Whenever you sign up on a social media site, try to complete your full profile with all information being asked. You can list your skills & qualification in order to index it in search. It will also build up the trust in buyers mind about you being not fake.

2. Join Communities

You should join the communities, pages & groups related to your freelance niche. You will also find interesting articles, videos & user comments from fellow freelancers.

3. Share Interesting Stuff

If you decide to share something, make sure it is very interesting & appealing to other freelancers & to buyers. The best thing is to re-tweet the interesting message of world top entrepreneurs on your wall.

4. Add your Existing Clients

If you have a client history on any freelancing website, try to add those clients to your friends list, it will also build up the confidence of unknown buyers towards your profile.


5. Make Community

Give some thought on making a community or page about your skills & get more professionals to like your network. It will help to build a community of professionals & that is exactly buyers are looking for. The community will also serve as job posting wall for you all.


6. Create Hashtags

Hashtags are very important feature on social media sites these days. You can use hashtags about a certain subject to make it available in search. For example, if you share something about marketing make it #marketing so anyone who find this hashtag see you in the list.


7. Stay Active

You should also stay active & participate in different events happening on social media sites, add your valuable comments & guide to the newbies looking for something.


These are some of the important tips you should be careful about & this will give you a face in internet world & in result some additional business on your desk.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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