Signs – You are Going to be Extraordinary Successful!

Signs – You are Going to be Extraordinary Successful!
24 Jun 2015

Being successful in today’s world requires much more than a lot of money and smartness; you need to be ethically strong and desirable if you want to be successful. Anyone can be successful with money or tactics but being unusually successful is different scenario and not anybody can be that successful as it is not acquirable by many. Everybody has different definition of being successful but when it comes to being exceptionally successful not everyone is able to answer the question. But don’t worry as we are always here to provide you the right information you need in your journey towards being successful, exceptionally successful.

1. Healthy competition is good but don’t let jealousy overtake you

“When you start appreciating the hard work of others heartily, you become more humble.”

Though a healthy competition is always important in your success story but don’t let feelings of jealousy, proud and envy override your emotions and competence level. Start looking for things to appreciate in your team members, as the greatest teams win because some members of the team have the audacity to sacrifice their happiness and focus on the bigger picture of team success.

2. Never let work take you away from other important things

Yes being successful requires hard work but don’t ever let that hard work drive you crazy and you can’t even find time for your family, friends and hobbies.

Don’t try to figure out ways to omit work but find ways to include your life in work by incorporating interests, relations, hobbies, passions and values in your work life. Don’t make business your life as your life is also your business and if you’re doing nothing but work you’re not living.

3. Empathy is the key

Being exceptionally successful requires a degree of empathy in which you feel what it must be for others to keep up the hard work, you must be able to understand and depict the feelings of your employees regarding work as it’d help you to understand the ongoing problems.

Start realizing this fact more often and be as helpful and understanding as you can, of course while keeping the balance. Success is something that can never be fully achieved but by being empathetic you rise in the eyes of others (your employees), which is most important element of your exceptionally successful journey.

4. Never let others down

Desiring to rise while letting others down constantly is totally a wrong approach, of course you got to prove to world but you have something to prove to yourself too. Agreed proving other wrong is a great motivation, but where’s your self motivation, dedication, commitment and passion?

The most successful people in this world are not usually inspired by others but some personal and deeper forces are the source of motivation for them.

5. Don’t let possessions make you proud 

To be incredibly successful you need to understand that the profits or income you are generating is your responsibility in making world a better place instead of just making your own life better.

The most significant risk factors for entrepreneurs is the mishandling of money by spending it on wrong things like buying a pile of cars, loading home with antiques etc, while the money must be spent on employees, community, business as you have the responsibility of making your employees successful too.

I’m not suggesting sacrificing your hobbies, just looking at the bigger picture and long term rewards, as rewards are one of main driving forces to earn more.

6. Feeling very special? Try ordinary

Extremely successful people are never fulfilled when it comes to learning, seeking advice, gaining knowledge. They don’t make them special and different but they try to be ordinary to learn more and accept that their success is result of mentors, amazing workforce, and destiny too.

Tremendously successful people always enjoy learning lessons and are always in the process of being better.

7. Success is very important, but so is respect

As I’m very persistent since start that success is something that can be achieved by anyone and of course it is very charming but it’s something that can’t be taken for granted as it doesn’t comes with guarantees, but respect does come with a guarantee. Respect one earned always holds the same gratitude in other’s eyes and rising in eyes of people is what makes exceptionally successful people possible.

The most incredible thing extraordinary successful people do is to provide dignity to whoever they meet.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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