Scared of Facing the Challenges by Today’s Freelance Industry?

Scared of Facing the Challenges by Today’s Freelance Industry?
15 Mar 2015

It is utterly disappointing to see how freelancers today, who are immensely talented, are not provided with the much needed medium, which can help them make a living out of their possessed set of skills. Most freelancers are either working to earn some extra bucks, some work to kill time whereas others work to polish their skills while the rest opt it as a fulltime career opportunity.

However the challenges they have to face today, deteriorate their purpose. Being a freelance content writer myself, I too had to face the challenges in the beginning of my career, which not only brought down my moral and confidence, but proved to be a great hindrance in achieving my goals. It needed a whole lot of courage and confidence to make my way forward in this industry. Want to know how? Well then read on!

All my fellow freelancers, if you are struggling to make your move into the freelance market, then make sure you abide by the given set of rules below, as it is going to work wonders for you, trust me! Because it did a lot more than that for me.


Rule #1. Patience

I started my work online and allotted one hour of each day towards the purpose. However within a matter of months, even 8 hours a day seemed relatively less. During this time I had to face both, ups and downs. You know what I learnt from it the most? Patience is the key to success. Yes you read it right! Work will not be presented to you, neatly wrapped in a box, you will have to work hard for it. It may take days, weeks or even months to get your hands on a project, but never give up. Be patient and you will surely be rewarded.

Rule #2. ‘I still don’t have a review man!’

Getting your first job can be very tricky, but not impossible. Every successful freelancer had to go through the rough period of trying to get a ‘review’ or first project phase. So don’t fret it, it’s going to be over in no time, be determined! Never, I repeat NEVER work for free in order to get a review. Stay positive, stay calm, is the mantra you need to learn by heart! Never underestimate the skills you possess, bid confidently. May take some time, but you are going to be rewarded with a project, if you keep yourself focused and determined towards the goal.

Rule #3. Never over-burden yourself

When in need of a project, one is attracted towards doing projects which demand high profile content, however the pay is as if they are buying peanuts. Whereas some projects will be asking for too much work, in very less time such as 6000 words a day. Like seriously! Accepting such projects is not only going to put you under immense pressure, but also affect the quality of your work, which well let’s face it might get you bad reviews. So is it worth it?

Other than that the increasing number of scammers in the industry is also one challenge, which I believe needs separate attention, so stay tuned to read more about it in our next post. Until then Good Luck!



Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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