Say No to Low Rate Clients

Say No to Low Rate Clients
07 Mar 2015

While bidding on a certain job the freelancers remain confused about what price they should quote as they see a lot variation in the bid price by other freelancers ranging from $20 minimum to $450 maximum. Your bid should include a reasonable price & it should be based on your experience & your confidence you have about your expertise for that particular job.  An instant tip is that you should include the most relevant samples with bid & this will increase your chances to at least open PMB (Personal Message Board) with them.

In some cases client do come to you after reading your confident proposal & they try to bargain your rates, this is the time where you have judge how much the client is interested in your services? If client is more than willing to work with you but on lower price, you should say sorry & let them try the low bowlers first. It happens many time that I said no to a client & he/she came back to me after wasting some bucks on low bidders. You can even mention it in your proposal & that you cannot compete other bidders in terms of price but you can compete them with the quality. It is fact that more than 50% clients are trying to bargain the price before they choose freelancers but you don’t get disappointed if you miss a job due to your high price. I remember an idiom I read somewhere & it says “if  you think education is expensive, try ignorance” not sure it fits here or not but this is exactly what I think once I lose a job due to price.

Say No to Existing clients:

You can even say sorry to your potential clients if you are not mentally ready to perform a job. Its better to excuse them instead of giving poor services & losing the client for future. But explain your situation to client while saying no so he/she can understand that this no is beneficial for them.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

  • Danyal Zia

    What pisses off most is the high demand of clients in their job description when they are paying as low as $2.

  • Genuine Jobs

    An immediate red flag are clients who want to bargain with you. It means they’re not interested in the quality of the delivered work, but more in the price. There are already too many freelancers who work practically for free, you don’t have to be one of them. Be picky when it comes to clients, that’s the only way to prosper in your career.

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