Revolve your Freelancers in to Brand Ambassadors

Revolve your Freelancers in to Brand Ambassadors
28 Jul 2015

Freelancing is now one of the famous jobs to do especially among the young generation with variant skill sets. Employer prefers freelancer work as it gives them the authority to control the work without any pressures to hire the person or to give him/her the benefits. The freelancing circle is now being expanded day by day; in fact almost one third of the work is done by freelancers.

Accordingly freelancers enjoy the short term work with the good rewards, but freelancers play a very important role in your business development, therefore keeping them happy will provide you high quality work occasionally. This also provides the exceptionally important fact that freelancers must be included in the business in the way that they don’t feel excluded neither included. You have to keep it neutral in order to get the good work going as building pressure will bring you nothing also making them feel excluded will also deprive you of wonderful work.

Many companies make this huge mistake of making freelancers feel that all the interactions with the company is merely transactional whereas it must not be this way, the person who is capable of providing productive work must not be treated as a stranger. Therefore, you got to keep the good terms with freelancers in order to be delivered the quality work.

Thus there is a good option of turning your freelancers in to brand ambassadors who will make them feel included without even have to hiring them, here’s how you can do so.

1. Give them the company email

Providing freelancers the company email is a good step towards balanced relationship building because it will make them feel to be a part of your company. They’d consider it as extra benefit provided to them by the company. This gesture will make them feel valued.

2. Acknowledge their work in public

Giving freelancers credit for their work is very significant in the good long term relationship. When you acknowledge them in person for their work and also say it out aloud by giving credit to them for their consistent high quality work. This way can particularly help in the blog and article writing stuff. If not any of such thing you can just post them the appreciation letter as admiration for their work.

3. Keep them updated

This is also very important step in making your freelancers feel that they are part of the company. You have to keep them in the loop by updating them about the important happenings in the company. For instance change of prices, addition of products, and development of new products or any other important update or event. This will make the freelancer feel that they are an important part of the company and their efforts never go in vain.

4. Provide them company’s souvenirs

 You can always make the freelancers feel that they are important to you by the little gestures like sending them company’s printed shirts, mugs or even pens. Anything you and your employees use which can be shared with freelancers must be shared with them as a gesture of making them feel like they are cherished by you. You can also send them any sort of marketing material like flyers, business cards and coupons etc.

Freelancers are important for your company and you might do the above mentioned things for the benefits of your company, few of them are given below:

  • Promotions: Freelancers have great experience and those who believe in your mission and values would love to be promoted as your brand ambassadors without any cost. Your company will be promoted free of cost by people who aren’t even actively working for you.
  • Networking: Freelancers have excellent contacts and making them your brand ambassadors would surely send some amazingly brilliant contact your way, as you never know, where and when one gets inspired from anything.
  • Consistent quality: When you make freelancers feel treasured they will be more than happy to provide exceptional quality even better work every upcoming time as they have more chances to learn and improve with time. Also hiring the same freelancer who is familiar with your company, work style and requirements will save you from the worry of hiring a totally new unfamiliar person.



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