Pros and Cons of Elance merger into Upwork

Pros and Cons of Elance merger into Upwork
22 Jul 2015

Elance and Upwork merger is the recent hot topic for freelancers around the world, since many companies outsource via freelancing websites it has also a topic of debate for them. Getting work done via freelancing websites is the common practice of the 21st century and it gained popularity as well. Few years back Elance and Odesk became partners but they were stand alone companies with their own rules, features and regulations. However the recent change in Odesk formulated it in to Upwork which mainly incorporated many Elance features such as the Connects System.

The transformation of Odesk in to Upwork became concern for many due to strict policies and inconsistency. But still the members who didn’t liked Odesk now Upwork took blanket of the Elance as it was way too feasible for many than the Upwork. However the recent announcement of Elance and Upwork merger has shocked most of its members as many are confused about details. Also people are unaware of the consequences because of mixed ambiguous statements by the authorities.

However we have compiled a list for your easy understanding of the features this merger will be incorporating and what would be the possible pros and cons for the members.

Pros of Upwork-Elance Merger

1. Wide Range of Opportunities

When talking about this whole merger one thing I’m sure that the members would be experiencing and that is wide range of opportunities. Upwork and Elance both are the well reputed workplaces; also both have the huge members’ base. Now think about what new opportunities you might be exploring when you get all the awesome companies and freelancers at one combined place. There’d be thousands of job postings every minute and thousands of hiring too.

2. Elance reputation can be copied to Upwork

Those who have excellent reputation on Elance must be celebrating right now because you can copy your Elance reputation to Upwork and chances of getting work on Upwork would be a lot more because of an Elance reputation referral. You can be a star on Upwork too if you are doing great on Elance.

3. Proficient and fused platform

The goal of this merger is to create a workplace like no other while working as a single platform. This goal once achieved will create a proficient environment for its members.

4. No more sign ups on Elance

Elance has ceased the sign ups and now people who want to join Elance must sign up on Upwork in order to work. All this merging is taking place so fast that by the end of year it is expected that Upwork will be working successfully after this merger.

Cons of Upwork-Elance Merger

1. Hassle and confusion

With this new policy of merging there comes a lot of hassle and confusion since no one is clear about the concept. Elance has practically given a very little time to its members because many of the members have already received invitation and those who didn’t will receive till September and you have to move to Upwork if you want to continue working. So there is generally no respect shown in this merger for the feelings of members.

2. Significant loss of potential members

While Elance and Upwork have already decided about this merging without thinking that there is a significant chance of losing very potential Elance members, because many members feel comfortable in Elance environment and may have negative vibes about the merger. Also understanding the new norms and community may be difficult for many. So chances are obvious that not all the members are happily going to accept the change.

3. Over crowded workplace

Some people I personally know used to love Elance because there is high potential of jobs there also there are no strict policies on Elance as compared to Upwork. Elance and Upwork merger might seem to some members nothing more than an overcrowded community because if you get little late in applying to job after it has been posted; there are almost no chances for you to get the job. More jobs and of course more members will only formulate a chaos and false competition among members. Huge member base is a good thing but no one likes hassle and crowd.

There is a complete unrest among the freelancers & buyers all over the world because of this change. There is also a high risk of clients going offline due to this sudden change while the same time there is always hopes for the good! You are most welcome to include how this change can affect your earning in comment box below.


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