Problems Asian Freelancers Dealing With

Problems Asian Freelancers Dealing With
12 Mar 2015

Asia is the 2nd largest market for man power in the world of freelancers & entrepreneurs. US, Canada, Australia or UK based buyers are hiring Asian freelancers for more than 70% of their jobs. Asia is the growing market with more than 15 million registered freelancers. Philippines alone is the largest freelancer’s hub in South East Asia. Being such a huge amount of workforce freelancers are putting an impact on weak economies of these countries. There are certain issues freelancers face in this region & we have some helpful tips for them.


Payment Withdrawal

Asian freelancers have payment withdraw limits depending on their country laws, for example paypal service is not available in Pakistan & Pakistan is the 3rd largest force of freelancing man power. The solution to this problem is only to use alternate payment options like Payoneer & bank wire transfer.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Asian countries have poor internet infrastructure & that sometime create tension to win a job or reply to client on time. The solution is to have two internet connection simultaneously so in case your connection fails you can shift the network to 2nd connection & avoid the delay in response to clients.


3. Communications Problems

English is not the first language for Asian freelancers so sometime they find it difficult to talk with client via skype. Client is also not comfortable if they find poor English in proposal. You can tackle this short coming by join some English Language classes in your city & focus on watching movies so you can learn the accent being used in USA or UK.

4. Time Zone

This is also very common issue some new freelancers face, they are not aware about the time zone of their clients & that creates a huge difference or delay in delivering a job. Simple is very simple, please check our different countries time zones & use multiple clocks on your desktop or in mobile to know what time is this in buyers city.

5. Expectation & Results

Sometimes client is expecting something more unique from freelancer they hire but freelancer don’t understand their expectation from initial job description. So you must ask questions to your client if you don’t understand some part of job description. You can also suggest few tips to clients so they can modify their requirements if they are new in hiring remote worker.

If you want to be successful you should make yourself bound to tackle any obstacle you find in your way to progress. These tips will help you to work like any other developed country freelancers.



Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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