Our Take on the Magneficient Apple Watch

Our Take on the Magneficient Apple Watch
10 Mar 2015

Calling out to all the Apple fans, or should I say iFans? The wait is over! Apple has finally revealed the official release date of the much awaited, Apple Watch. Guess what? Its only 35 days away! So get up and mark your calendars for April 24th!

That’s not it, Apple has revealed a whole lot about this luxurious product, at the Watch event in San Francisco. Read on to find out exactly what.

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Apple watch is a smartwatch, designed with the most elegant of designs and cuts, embedded with the most dazzling of features. As per Apple, it is one of their most personal products that is to hit the market.

As expected, the Apple Watch will be available in a variety of colors and designs, so that the customers have the freedom to buy, whatever fits their style the most. According to officials, there will be three specific ranges available, namely Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Each category of watch, differs from another in regards of the uniquely shaped square cases that hold the dial. One is made up of scratch proof stainless steel, the other is made up of 18-karat gold, while one is made up of light weight anodized aluminum. Each of them also differs in regards of the type of glass used for the dial, such as one has a durable Lon-X glass, while the other two are coated with sapphire crystals for utmost protection. Not only this, the color of the cases also differ, ranging from rose gold to space grey.

Apart from the casing, Apple watch comes with a variety of options for belts, ranging from stainless steel loop bands to fluorescently colored sports band, with numerous options for buckle as well.

Now let us talk about the features of this much awaited Apple product. This gadget is designed specifically to be used in everyday life, and thus has the ability to keep track of both, your health as well your fitness. Apart from that, being a smart gadget, it has been manufactured to make communication easier, and thus one can receive messages, calls and other alerts such as app updates, mails via the watch. Other than being able to show precise time, it will work like an iPod, where you can listen to your favorite tunes.

However it has a few unique features of its own, that include sending voice records, sketches and even the rhythm of your heartbeat to your fellow friend’s Apple watch. The battery life has been designed specifically to work the whole day. Not only this but via this Apple gadget, you can easily access home-automation features, such as shutting the garage door, keeping a check on the house when you are out, setting the thermostat etc. all via this amazing Apple Watch. The fact that dazzled me is that it can also be used to open and lock digital doors, working as a key. Not only this, but you will be surprised to hear that it may also replace your wallet, paying money all on its own! The watch will have its own Apple Watch Store, from where apps can be downloaded on your iPhone.

This product ranges from $349 to $10000 depending on the different watch designs and accessories.


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