Odesk New Connects System – Blessing for Serious Freelancers

Odesk New Connects System – Blessing for Serious Freelancers
02 Apr 2015

Odesk have made several changes in the process of hiring & bidding in last two years after getting merged with elance. Freelancers were not secure while working on the fix price jobs before but now they have adopted the payment escrow system like we have on elance already. This has made fix price jobs as secure as per hour contracts.


You will get 60 connects as free user & 70 connects for Freelancer Plus Account. One important development is that you have to invest 2 connects for each job bid which makes odesk most costly than elance to bid because you need only 1 connect for projects less than $500. On odesk you will have to use 2 connects which means $2 (if you purchased them in addition to original plan) to bid on a project worth only $20-30 . You can also view competitor bids as a plus member whereas free user cannot see those bids. The following compare sheet will explain it better:


One of our reader also commented that it will be very hard for newbies to join odesk & make a living because of these new policies. In coming days we will see both pros & cons of new features odesk introduced.

Odesk.com have launched bidding connects system similar to elance on First of April 2015. This new feature will surely help the serious freelancers to quote reasonable price on different projects. Previously, due to free bidding options, the buyer was not able to really hire good talent as they receive more than 100 copy, paste proposal in inbox in 5 minutes of job posting & that dropped the hiring rate to almost 10%. You can well imagine how painful the hiring process can be if you have to scrutinize 150 proposal for a job of less than $100.

The new connect systems seems expensive as you will only get 70 connects as paid member & 60 on basic account while previously you had the chance to bid on more than 300 projects every month. This will help the platform to receive only serious bids on all projects. The less proposal, the quality proposal will increase the hiring rate to more than 50% as compare to 10% we previous had.

I conducted several polls on my website about quality of different platforms in terms of payment, earning, & rates. Odesk was always on 4th position but hopefully these changes will make it a quality website for freelancers as we well as for buyers.


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