Odesk, elance are being replaced with UpWork.com

Odesk, elance are being replaced with UpWork.com
05 May 2015

Finally, After the merger of elance-odesk two years ago, they have finally released a joint platform Upwork for freelancers & buyer  previously looking for quality freelancers via odesk. With more than 10 million freelancers & 4 million businesses, elance-odesk is the biggest platform to hire remote workers for buyers from USA & from all over the world. Company’s new CEO Stephane Kasriel said “We’re seeing this as a complete relaunch of the company,” in a phone interview to forbes magazine today.


Starting from today the odesk.com will be re-directed to new domain upwork.com with better features to build up your portfolio & take your client relationships to the new height of success. The new platform will charge same percentage from buyers to work with freelancers as they were paying via odesk in the past. There is no major change in terms of bidding, connects system or even in the number of jobs being posted on upwork. All other features will remain same with new addition of features like chat system & other enhancements.

CEO also said, we want people to know that if you are working on Elance already you can work on the same account but odesk users will be sent to the new website. Company is aiming to grow the total value of jobs on their platform to 10 billion in next 6 years time. Company said, typically it takes 3 weeks to hire a freelancer but with the help of new mobile app & chat features, it will become a matter of minutes to hire a remote fellow to add value to your product or company.

People can now see each other if they are online & start immediately conversation about a potential job & this will also increase the hire rate in coming months.

Company is working with Slack to add new chat feature in upwork & they also have planned to integrate GitHub, Google Drive, Jira and video functionality later this year.

Today there are more than 50 million freelancers in USA alone, this will take the company further down to offer more products & services to meet the requirement of that audience. For instance, pension & insurance schemes are the option to start with.


UPDATE: Elance is also going to get merged into upwork.com by the end of 2015.


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