Myths Freelance Blogs will Tell You

Myths Freelance Blogs will Tell You
30 Mar 2015

There are so many established freelancers who are writing interesting articles on their blogs to help new freelancers to win the jobs & they do it with full honesty but in my personal experience, freelancers from Asian countries really don’t find those tips helpful when it comes to landing a job through freelancing websites. The points they hold are often interesting to read but they don’t really work in practical bidding. Asian freelancers should apply those tips while bidding but not 100% of that will works for you I am afraid.



Myth 1 – Ask questions

Many freelancers including myself suggest newbies to ask questions to your client while sending the bid. We suggest this in case there are some questions in your mind before giving exact price & timeline to client but most the time, buyers award the job to someone else & you keep writing the questions. I tried to ask questions but they worked only for 3 jobs out of 100 proposals.


Myth 2 – Bid High Prices

Freelancers from USA & UK also suggest us to bid high prices & don’t try to compete the fellow freelancers by bidding lower amount. This myth is also wrong in 90% of the cases. Client is looking for both quality & cheapest price possible. This is the case with almost 95% of the client. Only 5% are willing to pay more than normal budget.


Myth 3 – Say No to Additional Tasks

Some blogs will also suggest you not to do any extra work without additional cost. Again it is impossible with most the clients. Clients are sometime not sure what exactly they are looking & that often leads to increase the amount of work you need to do in order to get paid & a good review. You also have to do unlimited revisions to make your client happy.


Myth 4 – Importance of Proposal

Yes proposal is also not relevant when client is looking for a cheap price. This is yet another less important thing, client is most of the time looking for relevant samples & cheapest price to award the job & don’t focus much on what you are writing, yes your proposal should be tailored but ultimately your price & samples will help you to land a job. Not all the clients are looking for cheap price but many of them do. The graph below will tell you exactly the percentage of good, better & best clients.


I’ve been readying the blogs from many years & none of their tips really worked for me since I am not a USA based freelancers. They are right in their own perspective in term of price & importance of proposal.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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