Misconceptions About Being Your Own Boss

Misconceptions About Being Your Own Boss
17 Mar 2015

Working under your own set of rules? No taking instructions from your boss, well cause you are the boss! Sounds pretty cool right? But that is not what being a boss really is. Some of the delusions that tag along with the idea of being a boss include:

  • No working hours!
  • No asking for permission when you require a leave!
  • Overnight millionaire on the way!
  • No work intruding your personal thoughts!
  • And ‘oh well I’m the boss!’


As much as it sounds intriguing, I would suggest you finish the article, and then go through the idea again! I’m sure there will be some doubt. If not you are good to go!

To begin with, people believe a 9 to 5 job can be pretty tiring. The immense amount of work load, the unhealthy competition between colleagues for promotion etc. can cause the person to stress out unconditionally. Whereas your own business means you can get to work whenever you want. No one’s going to yell at you for not being punctual. Wrap your work in an hour, and head back home! Amazing isn’t it? Sure! But completely delusional. Running your own business means looking after each and everything, which obviously requires a lot more than an hour. Sure there will be days when you get free a little earlier, but mind it becoming your own boss means all the more work load.

Of course why would you ask for a leave? Not because there is nobody you can ask, but because you just won’t have the time to take an off. Who would handle all the work? There is no one stopping you from taking an off, but as mentioned earlier the amount of work load tends to triple when you are your own boss!

The story of becoming a millionaire in a matter of days, have corrupted our minds, I must say. We forget that every business requires immense struggle and willingness to become revolutionary. At average, it takes a business at least 10 years to settle and grow.

That’s true. No intruding. Because your ‘business’ is all that is going on in your head! There is no time to think about anything personal. You keep thinking of ideas that would benefit your business.

Lastly being the boss is not as easy as it sounds. With being a boss, comes a great deal of responsibilities. Since you become the boss of your personal business, you are dedicated towards giving your best. Unlike a job, not only do you have to work at your own position, but also have to deal and manage your employees. Which as we all know is not an easy task as it is.

Keep in mind, this article is not meant to kill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and working on your own. Instead it is to


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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