Microsoft unveils stylishly efficient “Surface Book” (New Range of Laptops)

Microsoft unveils stylishly efficient “Surface Book” (New Range of Laptops)
30 Oct 2015

Microsoft launched the brand new Surface Book series about 2 days ago and the news went viral all over the internet because Microsoft products are worth attention and hype. So, let’s start with few important specifications of the “Surface book”.

  • Basically it’s a laptop which also functions as tablet.
  • It has a stylus which can be fixed to the side (It has many functions though, so it’s not just any stylus)
  • It’s very easy to detach from its keyboard and attach it back.
  • You can use it for presentations as it has three different configurations.
  • It’s easy to carry.
  • Starting price at $1499.
  • It can be used with touch, pen or mouse.
  • It can be used as portable clipboard or creative canvas.
  • It includes core i5 and i7.
  • Powerful graphics.
  • Windows 10 already installed and working furiously.
  • It is flexible.
  • Elegant color.

So, the question here is. Why you should or should not buy it?

Here are the pros and cons of Surface book.

  1. It might irritate you

Yes, some people don’t like the idea that there laptop doesn’t completely closes and by close I mean the screen should be properly meeting the keyboard when you want to put it in a laptop bag, but the unique hinge of surface book doesn’t allow that and you can get the machine damaged by applying pressure on it. The backside of the laptop which attaches and detaches the screen has some serious curve issues, so it is practically impossible that it is flatly closed.

It is a bit heavier because of its keyboard and that awkward hinge but again it has an easy to use natural keyboard and I think you should give a reasonable amount of time to yourself for getting used to the hinge and the overall design of the laptop.

  1. Worth money?

This is the reason that will be a problem for anyone who wants to buy it, because it is the biggest factor which weighs its usability and benefits. Well, honestly it is not worth $1500 because generally European laptop users would go for MacBook pro 13 inches model which would save $400 easily while the Microsoft cheapest product starts at $1500.

Yes, the developers can argue that it’s both a laptop and tablet which makes it cheaper than MacBook and iPad. But, honestly this new launch cannot get anywhere near Apple products. Apple has already a customer base which the Surface Book doesn’t and it would take more launches and advancements to compete companies like Apple.

  1. Usability

Perfection doesn’t exist and we know that even Apple has usability issues and so has Surface book. Surface book definitely comes in top classes of laptops and is nearly giving hard time to Apple or at least has started to because the performance is as good as Apple products. There are technical issues in both Apple and Microsoft but since Microsoft is the pioneer in technology, its product Surface Book holds ground firmly in technical aspects.

Surface Book provides longer battery duration and smooth touch screen which synchronizes with the recently launched windows 10. The most powerful reviews also state that Surface book is high tech and packed well with heavy technology in efficient sleek manner. Surface book definitely have the technology perks and performance which would make it to the top in laptop market and others might take time to integrate such technology in such an efficient manner, but basically surface book has powerful credentials when compared to its rivals.


Well, you might take some time in getting use to the style of the Surface Book but its multipurpose, high performance and diversity of tasks can sway you with the strong impression. The only problem is the high price of the machine as Apple lovers are not easy to impress because mostly only go with the logo and look and might not care about what’s inside the body as Surface Book is well packed with high tech processor and the best graphic properties. Surface Book will definitely take time to be involved in the lives of majority Apple lovers, so some more advancements will do it for Microsoft’s Surface Book.


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