Make Yourself More Productive at Work

Make Yourself More Productive at Work
07 Jul 2015

Everyone wants to be productive and more efficient at things we do but most importantly work. Whether you are a junior employee struggling for good job position or an entrepreneur who has the potential but lacks basic abilities to get more out of work, it is always advantageous to be more productive and efficient. Efficiency and productiveness would help you to make things go smoothly throughout. Being productive would always help you to achieve more and accomplish well. Productivity in completing work would also help you to feel relaxed without any worries at the end of day while you are energetic and ready to face challenges next day.

Here are few tips which would help you to be more productive at work.

1. Formulate daily priority list

It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you are referring to, you need a priority list always to be ahead of everything in order to take control of happenings. The best priority list to make would be the one you can check off every day. For instance if you have some important meeting in the afternoon then your priority list must focus on preparing for that meeting in the morning, also if you have something important later on, you should make it next priority after the meeting.

2. Give yourself deadlines

Most of us just work with the set deadline of the projects etc but it is really productive if you set yourself a deadline before the actual deadline, this will not only boost up your confidence but will also give extra time in case of any extra burden. Moreover if nobody gives you deadlines and your work can be done whenever you want, you need to be the judge in that case and assign yourself deadlines, so you can work better and never get lazy.

3. Don’t remain on phone all the time

Attending calls is no doubt an important in expanding business chances but you need not to be answering calls all the time and if it is that important you must hire a personal assistant for that, also set your specific availability for people to reach you, also respond in that time only. If you cannot hire a personal assistant you let the calls go to answering machines and then figure out which individuals need to be called back.

4. Don’t put things off

Unexpected happening do put a bad effect on your performance but you must try to stay calm and solve things as they come by. Putting things off will largely affect your performance and make your disoriented. Get things done accordingly and you will be free of troubles and work induced stresses.

5. Make a good use of technology

There are hundreds of software and application in today’s world which can help you to organize things in a better way. Technology today helps in every possible way whether it’s a multi tasking software tool or the new high technology computer; it is going to help you in managing your business better, so spend a handsome amount on technology and it will pay you better in return.

6. Applications also help

When it is not possible for you to be at your workplace and you still need to oversee everything, there is a better and easy way of doing so. Do take a time to have a look on business applications in your phone which are usually customized for your ease and help. In modern technology world you need not to worry most of the answers are provided by your gadgets. But be careful in overusing technology.

7. Stick to the point 

No matter whether you are sending an email or giving a presentation, you need to keep yourself short and interesting. Always be accurate and short at workplace. Bragging about things and deviating from the original point would not only irritate co workers but it would badly effect your reputation. Keep your emails short and to the point rather than explaining everything detailed in the email, attach a complete document providing all the necessary details. Sticking to the point will increase your efficiency and save you a great deal of time.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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