Maintaining Health while Working From Home

22 Mar 2015

While technology has been making rapid developments and advancements, several changes are taking place in our day to day lives and how we function. These changes are also having great impact on the corporate world, and one of the major advancements is that working from home has greatly taken over working from a brick and mortar office. Nearly 25% people today are working from their bedrooms and living rooms and still earning the same salary as another person leaving the house at 6 am and reaching home at 7 pm. Even though this can sound exciting and inviting, there’s a major drawback to it, which involves health issues, and the possibility of one’s health and energy level deteriorating when working from home instead of an office.

When working from home, the kitchen tends to be only a few steps from where you’re sitting, increasing the chances of constant snacking and therefore weight gain. If you’re considering working from your bed, and find it more comfortable, this will also bring along with it various aches and pains, and will permanently damage your posture. Additionally, you get so involved with work that you really don’t have a social life, compared to working from an office where you have to meet a certain number of people at your workplace. In a nutshell, running a home based job can be damaging to your health and thus you might want to develop certain habits in order to stay healthy and fit.


Firstly, do not work in your bed. Never ever choose your bed as a “workspace” because it’s comfortable or supposedly helps you perform better. Instead, develop a cool workspace which you can do up the way you like, making it look more professional, yet fun, and do all your work over there.

Get yourself a comfortable arm chair. I cannot stress enough on the importance of posture. Not only does bad posture affect your health but also has a negative impact on your work output, and thus sitting on a comfortable chair is extremely important. Choose to sit straight, as slouching can make you feel lazy and nonproductive, and will obviously also bring with it body aches.

Develop a schedule. Having a schedule for everything during your day is important. It helps achieve more, keep a check and balance on what you’ve accomplished and lets you feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Therefore, set time limits for yourself and work according to that. Give yourself breaks every now and then to refresh and restart your mind, as working nonstop can leave you feeling saturated and drained out. Moreover, write down goals and check them off every time you’ve completed a task. This will help you keep a balance on how much you accomplish every day, letting you know if you’re too fast or slow at your job.

Get up and change. Working from home doesn’t mean you wake up, and start working. It is important t develop healthy habits in order to feel healthy, and thus wakeup, wash-up and put on some fresh clothes, followed by brushing your hair. You might want to snack on something before getting to work, so make sure you’ve eaten well, have water at your access throughout the day, and begin work. Research has depicted that people perform well if they look good and vice versa, since looking good makes them feel good automatically. Thus, do not consider this a waste of time, instead this is the few extra steps you go to give your work your best.

Adopting all these habits while working from home might sound silly and be difficult in the beginning, but once you get into it you will realize how it benefits you in the long run and keeps you away from leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Nothing is more important than your health, and thus you should never choose work over your well-being. Keeping them in balance will help you lead a more accomplished and successful life.


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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