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20 Mar 2015

Social media has proved to be a spectacular tool, for communication and marketing. Not only has it made communication easier and quicker, it has also helped entrepreneurs in polishing their marketing skills. Studies have proved that social media increases the profit percent by at least 50%, giving entrepreneurs the chance to flourish their businesses. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

There are a few ground rules, which need to be followed precisely, after which you are bound to succeed in the social marketing world. So for all those looking to market their business online, I would suggest to look no where other than the social sites. As these platforms have the ability to spread your message all around the world, only with a few clicks. Other than that they help achieve a greater target market, which results in all the more customers. Not only this but the marketing strategy doesn’t involve going door to door, instead it’s very easy and efficient. All one needs is communication skills, strong internet connection and well a good target audience.

First and the foremost rule is to know your targeted audience to the core. Your research on your clients, need to be on point. Try to learn what they need and strategize your marketing plan accordingly. This means you need to be a good listener and observer. You will have to take part in conversations and discussions, in order to extract as much information as you possibly can. This will help you in molding and executing a far better, targeted marketing strategy, which has a better chance of attracting client, thus increasing your sales.

Rule number two, is to put forward your idea, in a clear and understandable manner. Be it a service or a product that you offer, the idea behind it or supporting it should be boldly written on the very front, so that the client gets the idea of what you are offering. Make it easy and readable, so that the message can be read by a variety of audiences. Marketing is all about reaching out to the customers and doing a little extra. If your targeted audience is females, then make your page look and feel feminine. If your services are for children, then it must be colorful and cheery enough to attract children. No doubt it is the product that you need to focus on more, but as we all know first impression is the last one, it is necessary to work on the outlook as well.

Third and the last rule is to make people share your page with others. One of the most difficult to do, I must say. First of all, people don’t get satisfied and pleased instantly, which is only the way to make them share. In order to make them share, what you need to do is, provide them with the best of your services. The happier the customer, the more chances you have of being recommended. Secondly, out of good gesture share other people’s businesses, as in order to return the favor, they do the same.

All in all marketing can be tiring as well as time consuming, but you get to market yourself to a larger audience, which increases your chances of customers and sales. So goodluck!


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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