Latest- Apple reaches the 13 million benchmark over the weekend

Latest- Apple reaches the 13 million benchmark over the weekend
28 Sep 2015

Today September 28th, Monday is definitely a very lucky day for Apple as just over the weekend Apple sold 13 million of its new iPhones during the greatest launch of the latest classy Apple smartphones. Apple Washington announced on Monday that a new benchmark has been set as the 13 million phones got sold in two days.

Apple 6S and 6S plus launched on Friday and the target markets incorporated 9 biggest markets including China.

Apple also announced on Monday that the phone will be ready to hit forty additional international markets by October 9, the next target markets will include countries like Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Taiwan.

Sales for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history. said chief executive Tim Cook.

Along with this mega launch Apple also revealed the new updated terms for lease and finance for Apple lovers in United States, the expectations are high that the new terms will increase the sales and will shorten the advancement cycle.

Mostly the overall look and dimensions of the iPhone 6S and 6S plus are same like the last version but there are definitely new array of technology within.

The most discussed new feature is the “3D touch” which is able to act in response to the pressure applied on the screen thus allowing users to peek inside messages and applications.

The dimensions of 6S are the 4.7 inch display and for the 6S plus the dimensions are same including 5.5 inches screen- Making it prominent in the “Phablet Category” smartphones.

However, the new devices have the most advanced and powerful processors which enables them to get you along with the high technology quality graphics along with more stronger glass and a new classy aluminum body. The good thing is that the pricing is just about same levels as earlier versions.


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