Joyful Weekends for Successful Entrepreneurs

Joyful Weekends for Successful Entrepreneurs
28 Mar 2015

Most of us sit on the couch & watch TV on weekends & this is the routine most of us are following from years. But actually weekends are a blessing for us to get away from the routine life of work-home-work & do something that excite us. Recently Laura Vanderkam wrote a book “What The Most Successful People Do on the Weekend” & she described the weekend habits of successful entrepreneurs. There are certain things you should consciously plan & then get indulged in the activities that you love most. Here is quick list of things you should keep in mind while planning your weekend.


Shutdown Laptop:

It is the best & first practice to make your laptop take rest & you will feel 80% more fresh & attentive to your weekend activities weather they are at home or hangouts with friends outside.


Plan wisely:

You should spend 1 hour on Friday to plan few activities you can do on weekend like cycling, doing some photography or seeing your family. Planning ahead of time will make you promised & energetic to wake up early & start acting on weekends instead of lazy bed hours.


Doing Small Tasks

There are many small tasks at home like fixing sanitation of your kitchen sink or cleaning the book rack is also something really enjoying if you do this in weekends. This will also release an unknown burden from your mind. You will feel easy & stress-free if you see some old stuff giving a clean look after your hard work.


Don’t think too much

We are used to feel stress about certain things in business & we hold something in mind unless we don’t solve the issue. Try to forget about everything when you leave office on Friday evening.


Cooking Food

You can also give it a try to cook your favorite recipe on weekend & surprise the family or friends about your additional skills. You can also invite some of your friends to share the treat of your own cooked food.


Amusements at Home

You can also give yourself some amusement of dance, music or even a movie. You can plug-in your speaker & listen to your favorite music, this will also give you amazing refreshment after 2-3 songs. Don’t miss trying Yanni’s rain maker. 🙂

Some exercise

You can do some exercise on Sunday morning to feel the fresh air & green environment around you. This will also heals your tensions you got during the week. Doing some deep breathing & yoga is also going to be helpful for sure.


These are some of the things you can plan & exercise on your weekend to make it pleasant & charger for the coming week ahead. Successful entrepreneurs do very small things to gain happiness on weekends & that gave some rest to their muscles from the image they possess during the working days.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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