Is stressing over work worth it?

Is stressing over work worth it?
17 Mar 2015

Whether you are working part time or have a full day job, whether you work for a boss or are your own boss, feeling stressed is a mutual feeling. Surprisingly stress has been growing and affecting lives increasingly. As much as we think it is untreatable and basically a part of our jobs, it is not!

Studies suggest, not only can stress affect our mental health, but also affect our health physically. It is not a one-time thing, as it doesn’t disappear as soon as you head home from work, but instead stays put in one corner of your brain, consistently affecting your mind and body. Headaches, panic attacks, stomachaches, sleeplessness and an unfocused mind are all contributions of stress. Apart from these simpler diseases, stress also causes insomnia, increase in blood pressure, and increases the risk of heart diseases as well as obesity.

The amount of unhealthy competition and the immense amount of pressure of work load one has to go through in this competitive era, leads to being stressed. Other than that, low pay rates, along with less opportunities to grow and succeed and little or no say regarding job related decisions leads all the more towards being effected by stress. However how stress affects our body is more or less our fault. Really! Because it’s us who treat stress in an unhealthy manner. For example, over eating, which is commonly known as stress eating, results in obesity. Most commonly, people working under immense amounts of pressure, tend to get addicted to smoking, which results in a whole list of diseases. It may help reduce the amount of stress for what an hour? Max two. But what it does to our body is beyond repair. Others indulge themselves into excessive use of alcohol and like drugs, resulting in deterioration of their body’s health immensely.

So I believe it is not only our fault, but our duty to deal with stress in a healthy manner. A few tips stated below are not only going to help overcome stress but also increase the effectiveness of your work.

  • Never underestimate yourself, it is one of the main causes of stress. Believe in yourself and what you are doing. You have done it every time, and you will do it again! Don’t stress it, just work it!
  • Detect what stresses you the most. Try avoiding the situations that build stress or instead come up with an alternative to deal with such situations.
  • Keep your cool. When under immense pressure, keep yourself calm and cool. Don’t jump to harsh conclusions, but instead work your way in a calm and smooth manner. As we all know, anger is of no good.
  • Take breaks between work. Stress can also be caused due to excessive work. It is better to take regular breaks, even if they are as short as 15 minutes. Go for a walk and breathe in fresh air, listen to a song, or talk it out with your best bud.
  • Last but not the least, don’t keep it within you. If you are facing a situation, talk it out. Be it with your boss, supervisor or as suggested above a friend.

Stressing is definitely not worth it, so abide by the above stated rules and you are good to go!


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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