Is Google Adsense Still Relevant?

Is Google Adsense Still Relevant?
02 Mar 2015

It is a question in the minds of all IT geeks who are new in blogging & here is an important article about this question. Google Adsense is a unique program for small & big size websites to monetize their content by placing google ad units on their website & it is still the most important part of websites earning. But in the last 4-5 years the trends have been changed since 98% of online users are using facebook, twitter for scrolling down instead of opening a website. Users now only click on the website links through the social pages. In result to this google adsense earnings went down to 25% on most of the blogs but it can be blessing in disguise for you if you optimize your site properly. Here are some tips to increase your earning & remain safe with google Adsense.

You can always improve your adsense earning by monitoring the quality of contents you are sharing & test different ad sizes, text or image ads & the colors to see the impact. Google allow you to place multiple ad units on your site but try not to place too many ad units on page top part. Google can kick out the blog if it’s using so many ad units especially in top part.

Try Google webmaster tools to identify which keywords are driving more traffic to your site & then write more in that niche to keep the visitors interest in your site. A good white SEO is always recommended to generate more visitors to your blog.










Your adsense earning also depends on the category if your contents & you can also diversify your earning source by placing other revenue sources like infolinks or your local advertising agency.

There are so many bloggers out there complaining about google banned their website so read the policies carefully before apply google ads on your site. Try not to confuse your ads with the content of your site as this a violation of google adsense polices & always keep it clean near your ad unit. Remember Google’s main concern is to protect their advertisers so google is strict about that.


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