Interesting Happen Today! Apple September 2015 Event

Interesting Happen Today! Apple September 2015 Event
09 Sep 2015

Apple has disclosed a new game-focussed version of Apple TV which is challenging the well established Sony and Microsoft’s command on the multi-billion industry. The device was the centre of attention at one of the US massive product launches of the recent years along with the new iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch designs which took place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Apple TV comes with a remote control that can be used for advanced gaming features, and supports multiplayer gaming. The device will cost $149 for a 32GB model or $199 for 64GB.

Games that are available for Apple TV include the new Guitar Hero title, Disney Infinity, Rayman Adventures, Super Bros Creator and Crossy Road. Most of the games have been available on consoles. The first Apple TV went on sale in 2007, after being presented to the world the previous year as iTV.

In a box you have the Apple TV, which is a black box which is about 23mm x 98mm x 98mm and weighs 0.27kg, an aluminium remote with a small amount of control buttons with some instructions for setup and power lead.

TV has the same connectors and ports as before. There’s an Optical Audio port and a HDMI port for connection to your TV. The Apple TV processor has been upgraded to the A5 chip to cope with 1080p HD movie playback. iFixit has done a teardown on the Apple TV and found that the Broadcom 4330. Wi-Fi chip inside also supports Bluetooth 4.0+HS, although it currently makes no use of this technology-it’s possible that the functionality could be added in a future update.

The current Apple Remote uses Infrared, this requires line of site to your Apple TV. Connection to your TV is via a HDMI cable which has to be purchased separately. Something surprising about this Apple TV that makes it different to others in the market is that it talks to you. You are provided with the voice over feature that can be operated by clicking the a button on the remote three times. There is a voice that reads out what is the menu option that you have currently selected which is helpful in navigating the menu.

Moving on to the set up, you do the usual things like selecting language and then a wifi network. If you are new to Apple’s way of entering text and numbers, you have an alphabetically ordered block of letters. It can be a bit annoying to use, having the letters arranged like a computer keyboard would have been more handy

Apple also recently launched the iPhone-tailored smart watch which is a small convenient but expensive gadget. The smartwatch comes in 38 different flavours, with different case materials, colours, sizes and interchangeable bands. It starts with $349 and does up to $17,000. Despite the expense every iPhone owner who desperately wants a smartwatch should have this one on their wish list. The Apple Watch also features Wi-Fi connectivity, new watch faces with different customizable options, better Siri capabilities, email replies.


The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch screen as well as a far faster processor. The device is the third size of iPad, following the introduction of the original iPad in 2010 and the ipad mini in 2012.  As well as having a much bigger screen, the iPad Pro is far more powerful, with a new A9 chip that Apple said made it 1.8 times more powerful than the most recent iPad Air.  The iPad Pro features a 10-hour battery life and four speakers. It is slightly thicker than the iPad Air at 6.9mm compared to 6.1mm, and weighs 1.57 pounds – barely heavier than the 1.54 pounds of the original 9.7-inch iPad.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be the ninth generation of the iPhone since it was first released in 2007, while the Apple TV is a major upgrade on the most recent model, which was introduced in 2013. The iPad Pro is a 12.9-inch iPad with new accessories including an “Apple Pencil” stylus.


The iPhone 6s will be able to pre-order on 12 September and buy on 25 September in the UK and US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Singapore. Apple says by the year end it will be available in over 130 countries via more than 400 carriers. The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPhone 6s is that beside the Silver, Gold and Space Grey models is a new Rose Gold iPhone 6s made from 7000 series aluminium. In its design the iPhone 6s is otherwise like the iPhone 6 before it, and the key upgrades come in the core hardware and the software. The Apple A9 processor is a good place to start. This is Apple’s third-generation 64-bit chip, and the companion M9 motion coprocessor is now integrated to it and always-on. Apple claims the A9 is 70 percent faster than the A8 in CPU tasks, and 90 percent better in graphics tasks.

A graphics demonstration from PixelToys showed just how well the iPhone 6s works for gaming, an experience that is further enhanced by the big new thing in terms of the iPhone’s software: 3D Touch. 3D Touch is able to recognise how long and how hard you press, with a light tap letting you ‘peek’ into items or apps, and a harder press letting you delve deeper and launch that content. It works with third-party apps, too. For example, you can tap on the Facebook icon on the home screen to see options to check in or update your status, then press harder to select and launch one of those tasks.

3D Touch can also be used to cycle through open apps by applying pressure on the screen’s edge and bringing up the recent items menu that was previously called up with a double-tap of the home button. And that’s new, too, with a second-generation Touch ID fingerprint scanner said to operate at double the speed. Apple has long been criticised for sticking with an 8Mp primary camera in the iPhone, but it’s always said it won’t add megapixels until it can be certain image quality won’t suffer as a result. Apple has finally bumped up the iSight camera to 12Mp, which means it has 50 percent more pixels. There’s a faster autofocus, support for larger panoramas and the same great colours with no visible noise. For the first time the iPhone camera supports 4K video recording, too.


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