How to Inflate the Prices in Freelancing Career

How to Inflate the Prices in Freelancing Career
03 Mar 2015

Pricing is often the most tough & very important part of a job posted on freelancing websites. The clients are definitely looking for the best service but they sometime offer very cheap prices that quality contractor don’t even bother to bid without trying to find the real reason behind the low price. I’ve been into freelancing from last 5 years & I happen to meet many clients who were new to this world & they will willing to learn the terminology.

Clients are sometime very new to freelancing website or they don’t know what the price should be for a certain type of work. The freelancers should try to educate them about their requirements & the budget they should have to hire a professional freelancer instead of some newbie. I came across many clients who were new to the freelancing website & they were not sure about the prices & terms we use on different freelancing sites. For example I requested her to open PMB (Personal message Board) & she was not sure what PMB stands for. It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to open discussions with client & ultimately win the job at good price.

So newly registered clients are blessing in disguise & one should try them along with clients with purchase history. It also came to my knowledge that these clients becomes your loyal regular partners because they respect you for what you teaches them in the beginning. So you should never ignore the newly registered clients to save your connects, bids, I know they are costly but every client worth one bid.



Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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