How to find a mentor that inspires!

How to find a mentor that inspires!
07 Jul 2015

Finding a mentor is the concern most of us have, as the right mentor can pick you from nothing and can transform you in to the successful individual with the right guidance and support. So having a good mentor is what most of us need in order to learn. Also a mentor is very important for entrepreneurs as those young minds do have the most innovative ideas but they usually get confused while implementing them due to lack of relative experience, therefore it’s really important to have a mentor.

Firstly you need to figure out few things, such as:

• What kind of a mentor you need

For figuring out the kind of mentor you require you need to be focused and clear about your goals. You must know that a mentor is someone who helps you to get things done, not do things for you. You need to understand the role of mentor in your life, for instance an academic mentor will give you advices, tricks etc rather than writing your final term project. A good mentor would help you to grow efficiently rather than spoon feeding, he finds potential in you and invests his experiences in you.

• What you need mentor for

Make a list of possibilities and requirements. You need to figure out why exactly you need a mentor and what for. For example what do you want to learn about, what are you looking for in a mentor etc. Create a checklist of what you desire in a mentor and identify the potential mentors according to your requirements, look for mentor who is balanced in his personal and professional life.

• Look around you

Once you have analyzed the role of mentor in your life and the kind of mentor you require you would be able to find one. For example if we talk about business mentor, he/she is someone who has vast amount of experience in the respective field and has a heart to share it with someone potentially powerful. Such mentor can give you smart tricks, easy way outs, solutions to particular problems and awesome tips for success. You need to think about the people who can do it amazingly. You may consider your colleagues, friends, family members, business acquaintances, some old boss and well reputed co-workers even.

• Figure out various ways to converse 

Every mentor varies and it depends upon who you choose, might be your neighbor, a friend you admire, your class representative or it may be the person you have never met before for example it might be some awesome entrepreneur blogger you send emails for advice or comment on his stories etc. You might consider people you feel connected to and also be aware that you need to choose a mentor who has the facilities to get in touch for a conversation. If you find someone you don’t know you must analyze the ways of communicating often like regular emails, text message, coffee meet ups etc.

• Maintaining healthy mentorship

Don’t hover all the time around your mentor and do not hungrily ask for everything. Even if the mentorship exists mostly via emails and internet, you need to be careful about always bombarding the mentor with the questions. For keeping a healthy mentorship you need to make a schedule and try to stick to it. Even if you think you have learned enough and you got what you needed, it is pretty much okay to end the mentorship and then you do not need to always ping the person.

• Provide something in return 

You need to figure out ways in order to thank the person who made you learn great things. Think of what you can offer to mentor and make the relationship equally beneficial for him so he doesn’t feels tired and used. You can offer your services to the person; you can ask if they need any kind of help with research work or technology issues at the office. If you cannot offer any such things you can offer lunch or give him some gifts as a sign of thank you.

• Keep professional relationship

My last advice to you guys is to keep the relationship as much professional as possible, because once the personal level of relation is achieved you stop appreciating and respecting which can turn out bad.



Sadia Sharafat

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