How to become a Star Employee

How to become a Star Employee
21 Aug 2015

All of us manage to get the job and perform well too but only few of us make it to star employees list of employer. Even if you aren’t taking any sick leaves, doing your job well etc there are chances that you never get promoted and your fellow employees are getting promoted. You must be wondering it often that why aren’t you getting promoted and trust me answer lies right infront of you but you choose to ignore it as you think favoritism and tricks are old stories but it still functions everywhere. You’ve to be your boss’s apple of eye in order to enjoy perks and experience promotions.

You have to be exceptional in order to create the win win situation for you and your boss. If you are doing your job just fine you’ll be counted as someone who is meeting the minimum requirements and is not conscious about career of the company. You need to add value in your work for the advancement of your career and for getting paid more. Your goal must be to be ahead of your employer expectations so he is certain that he hired the smartest guy in the world.

This is not at all hard, so here are some handy tips for those who want to enjoy the benefits by being ahead of their game.

  1. Learn about the industry

Your job skills are vital and you must be good at them if nothing else and yes you’ll get your monthly salary with that but you need to be more skilful and knowledgeable. You must know all the details about the industry you are working in. You must be fully aware about all the aspects of your company and your industry on the bigger part. For example if you are a web designer learn about all the recent developments in the industry and don’t stop on designing, learn about the other skills too like web development etc.

2. Keep boss updated

It is always vital to answer the boss’s question instantly without looking through the bundles of papers or searching the computer. This is a great way to earn massive support but you can save yourself of this exertion by pre assuming the boss’s question and keeping him/her updated about the work and answers to the routine questions, this will make a good impression and will reflect your enthusiasm.

3. Be accountable for mistakes

Accountability is important points so instead of accepting mistakes after they are discovered by someone else, bring them to light by yourself. People fear accountability as according to them it might leave a bad impression on coworkers and boss. You can handle this situation by opening out your mistakes in front of the boss so he understands your self confidence and accountability for the most part.

4. Take enough training

Most of us ask our bosses to send us for training to workshops and courses but this is the mainstream thing and we have to be the star employee so mainstream won’t work here. Instead you can get enough training about the field by attending online classes, attending free seminars and workshops before applying to job. This will have a positive impact on your boss and he/she will definitely acknowledge your efficiency while comparing to other typical workers.

5. Be Proactive

It doesn’t mean that instead of focusing on your own job you do other thing which seem important to you. Your job is the priority, you can be proactive in your job as well, you must follow what has been told to you but you must also do other things. For instance if you are asked to write a content for company you can search all the best available related websites and come up with an entirely new and innovative work which will impress your boss. Being proactive is necessary and shows your concern for the company.

6. Have friendly relationship with other departments

It is also very important, you must know how to please people by just talking and doing little favors whenever possible. This will help you to have healthy relationships with other departments thus increasing your PR.


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