How I earned a 6 Figure Earning As a Freelancer

How I earned a 6 Figure Earning As a Freelancer
28 Mar 2015

6 figures, yes you read it correctly. Freelancers around the globe are making a handsome living by outsourcing their talent to quality buyers but most of them are not able to make more than few hundred bucks a month because of low prices. Freelancers from Asian countries are specially complaining about their earning but nobody is actually trying to understand the reason behind this.

We are freelancing from last 5 years & I’ve achieved the target of 6 figure earning on elance, here I would love to share my experience with you so you can also increase the earning.

1. First & probably the biggest reason behind your low earning is the price you are quoting to client. Never ever give the lowest price for any job rather try to educate the client about why you are charging higher than others. You can also offer the client to give you a try of 1 or 2 hours instead of full contract & that will help you to start engaging the client to workroom. I’ve made most of my earning from repeat clients & I always try to get the client into conversation with me instead of waiting to win the contract out of 100 other bids.

2. I always actually read the job description & try to find the missing points, then I write my proposal & ask the client to explain few things, this help me to start a chat with client & if a client is willing to talk chances are more than 70% that I can win the contract. A copy proposal don’t always attract the client. Let me tell you something very interesting, your biggest problem is not winning a job after sending many proposal & client is really frustrated ready useless proposal & unrealistic price he/she receive from different contractors.

3. So the best way to actually feel the buyers side you should post a small job & invite top freelancers to bid, try to actually go through all the hiring process & spend 2-3 hours of billing to understand the process & you will also be able to see which kind of proposal attracts your attention.

4. Once you win a job, be efficient to deliver it to client & keenly read the feedback. If you deliver your first job with 5 star ratting, chances are you will earn the trust & get repeat business from same client. 88% of my total earning in year 2014 came from existing clients to try to build good business terms with your client & this will save you a lot of time in bidding. Clients are more than willing to pay higher prices but only after real conversation with freelancer so like I said above, try to engage them in talks.

You can increase your freelance earning to double by closely following these rules in year 2015 & at the end of the year you will see more than 70% earning than what you earned in previous years. Happy Bidding!


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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