High Turnover? What Went Wrong?

High Turnover? What Went Wrong?
19 Mar 2015

The backbone of most companies, tends to be their human resources who are they implementers of the ideas, the developers of the product, the marketers and developers of advertisements and the planners and executors. However, some organizations might find themselves to be going towards downfall due to high turnover and wonder why this is happening. Well, the answer to this question might not be very difficult.

Firstly, an employer or manager must understand that all employees are not only motivated and driven by a high salary. There are other factors that play an equally or more important role, and a lack of them could be the reason your company is losing its employees.

If you wish to retain your employees, you might want to make sure your employees are well motivated and driven towards your business. Often, employees could easily be bored or demotivated of the mundane jobs they carry out, and job rotation might be the perfect solution here. An individual would not want to be in the same position year after year, performing the same task day after day, and thus rotating them from one department to the other or helping them acquire new skills might be a fantastic way of keeping the motivated.

Moreover, developing loyalty between the employee and business is of great value. In order to avoid employees leaving the organizations, you as a manger will have to ensure they enjoy working for the company and have strong associations with it. Therefore, you will have to devise strategies to keep them satisfied, be it via perks, monetary and non-monetary rewards, training programs, or other additional benefits. Their relationship with their employer also will greatly determine how long they will stick around in the company and therefore you will need to ensure you treat them well and indulge in open two way communication.

Additionally, the work environment is of great importance and a negative one could lead to high turnover rates. It is important that the work politics in the organization are minimized and the employees feel safe and secure. They should feel comfortable talking to a higher up who is willing to hear them out openly and can find solutions to pretty much any problem they have, in order for them to actually feel welcomed and important in the company.

Lastly, no one wants to be somewhere they feel they are not needed. A manager will have to go extensive lengths to tell and remind his employees that they are important to the organization and greatly contribute to its success.  The employer also cannot be stingy with praise, as constant coaxing and encouragement can lead to a drastic change in the employee’s attitude for the better.

To conclude, employers must recognize and appreciate the fact that if they motive a drastic change in their employee’s behavior and are experiencing high turnover rates, they need to revisit their policies and spend more time in the Human Resource Department to analyze the problem and develop and appropriate solution.


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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