Having no internet on Flights? Here’s the Good News!

Having no internet on Flights? Here’s the Good News!
28 Aug 2015

It has long been dreamed that there would be a time when using internet during airplane flights would be as casual as having an internet connection in office, but since a long time there hasn’t been any advancement in the process since a considerable time. Most of us are just dealing with the fact that there can’t be any internet when we are hundreds of feet above ground. Somewhere inside us we all just hate to sit idly for hours when we can write our business proposal or update our blog or have some important emails to be sent, some of us just want to communicate with someone telling them that we are doing fine but unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so any such thing.

In today’s era technology can deliver almost any result you want, also inventions are part of the game, so giving up hopes when technology is there to serve you is exactly a disappointing thing to do. However it seems like internet connection during flight is no big of a game for technology specialists like Gogo as they have been working to introduce Wi-Fi friendly flight experience.

Gogo is the top airborne internet provider and it has announced recently that FAA has given approval for trial of 2ku connectivity equipment. It is anticipated that the desired speed for this system will be as fast as 70 mega bytes per minute (Mbps). This is way too faster than Gogo’s current internet services which tops at the annoying speed of 3.1 (Mbps), way slower than the home broadband connection.

Gogo has been in limelight for its advanced in-flight Wi-Fi systems and if it works passengers are going to have 20 times faster and efficient Wi-Fi system which in relation to the home broadband is bliss. The idea behind it to add the twin Wi-Fi antennas of 4.5 inches height which will catch signals from the satellites so it is more likely to have a faster speed as the current airborne system of Gogo catches signals from the ground. The new advanced system of catching and sending signals to satellites is an orbital process by which Gogo means that the speed will be truly amazing along with the cheaper prices and more bandwidth. However we are not sure cheaper for whom, the probable feeling is that it isn’t going to cost lesser to passengers because Gogo already charges $16 per day for its airborne internet connection.

The company’s top management considers it a significant milestone for the Gogo and internet industry on a bigger part. Moreover Gogo is confident that this would be one of the biggest achievements in the internet history and it will give a joyful experience to passengers and Gogo partners. Not only passengers will have the benefits of Gogo internet connection but the airlines will also be able to communicate cheaply and more easily with the fast reliable internet services by Gogo.

The USA’s famous Gogo with head office in Chicago has installed its new technology in the test plane. The testing phase will begin sooner than later, most airlines are already in pipeline for testing phase. The airlines are eager to get the high technology internet system installed in their planes but the wait will be over when the trials will go successful. The proper launch is expected by the end of this year or at the start of 2016 but until then we are hoping that this fancy internet won’t cause fortune to passengers otherwise it is no good.


Sadia Sharafat

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