Has Motherhood Driven You Away from Work?

Has Motherhood Driven You Away from Work?
09 Mar 2015

Have you ever felt that motherhood has brought your career to a dead end? The set of skills you once possessed, are now left unnoticed? Your lifestyle after the baby has limited you to constant diaper changes, cooking, cleaning and well catching up on the much needed sleep?

Well if so, then you are not alone. Being a mom of a two year old boy (read: utterly notorious boy), I have learnt that the stress of excessive baby work is one essential part of motherhood. It not only makes you realize your strengths, but also helps you strive to achieve your goals. However this also requires a bit of extra effort, which you may regret now, but are going to appreciate in the long run. Trust me! All you need is patience, time management and most importantly the will to achieve your set goals.

Mentioned below are a few guidelines, on how you can manage to keep your sanity intact, while working and handling your baby all together.

As much as we think things are going to remain the same, except one addition of a family member, they don’t. With the arrival of your cute little bundle of joy, your priorities, work load and lifestyle start to change simultaneously.

To begin with, as per experience, home based businesses or freelance jobs are a much better call for mothers. As they give you the freedom to choose the place and time, that fit you best. However that doesn’t mean they require any less effort when compared to office jobs. The key to a successful career along with bringing up a baby with utmost affection, is time management, focus on the goal and promise to never over burden yourself.

Managing time is what requires a bit of effort, as it’s not your timetable that you are going to follow, but instead your baby’s. You will have to schedule work during times such as when your baby is sleeping, playing or is involved in any activity which will keep him busy and entertained for at least a couple hours. This doesn’t necessarily mean every day is going to be smooth and according to the time table, as there will be days when your kid is fussy and wants your attention. So instead of getting tensed and frustrated, you will have to remain patient and be ready to cooperate, because there is no chance the baby will.

Most importantly, you will have to accept the fact that you are not going to be as efficient as you were before the arrival of your young one. No matter the intense amount of pressure you could handle before, over burdening yourself with excessive amount of work load is going to reflect on both, your baby as well as on the quality of your work. Therefore it is suggested to choose the type and amount of work, wisely and according to your strengths and abilities. Also make sure to take a day off, as a tired mind and body is of no advantage.

Last but not the least all you need is the support and prayers from your loved ones! Good luck!


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

  • Ameerah Rizwan

    Must say, it’s nothig but the truth !

  • Jia

    Interesting,that was helpful!

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    Very true… helpful for all new moms.

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    True! Very Helpful and encouraging.

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